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Ice Extent Sensor Fails for One Month, Global Warming Doubters Go Ape

This morning, another person who also goes by the name of Jim left this comment to a post regarding data on Arctic sea ice extent collected by the National Snow and Ice Data Center:

OK, all this data must be considered faulty because the National Snow and Ice Data Center now admits their sensor has failed and has been delivering faulty data for an extended period of time.

It isn’t just visitor Jim: look here and here and here for the same take, all reading from the same second-hand source, all using failure of a sensor as evidence that the claims of “warmists” are full of crap.

It is true that the National Snow and Ice Data Center has “admitted” one of their sensors has failed. In fact, they don’t just “admit” it; they openly acknowledge its failure. But the rest of what Jim says just isn’t true. The sensor has failed in the past month, but only the past month; data before the very failure of this sensor, using an SSM/I method, matches data from another sensor, the AMSR-E sensor (a sensor using a different method of observation altogether):

Data from Two Sensors of Arctic Sea Ice Extent

The long-term data is reliable; only the data from the past month and only from the DMSP F15 sensor is questionable. Climatologists are accounting for the sensor problem and, because they are employing multiple methods, are not suffering from catastrophic data failure as the people organizing to obfuscate global warming science would like you to believe, and as the uncritical consumers of global warming critique press releases actually, compliantly do believe.

3 thoughts on “Ice Extent Sensor Fails for One Month, Global Warming Doubters Go Ape”

  1. Tom says:

    Send them here ( for an article entitled Nobody Knows How Dry We Are for a little wake up call to the “deniers”.

    This is happening RIGHT NOW and has been going on, getting worse and worse by the decade. It’s all over the world including the U.S. Deny all you want, global climate change is ALREADY HAPPENING and isn’t going to stop in our lifetimes. Our leading scientists’ model (the IPCC report) is actually TOO SLOW in accounting for the actual data (probably due to the disparity between putting in hard and fast numbers for rates of change that are themselves responding to feedback loops, unaccounted for in the model) and, dire as it is, has deliberately been toned down so as not to cause panic.

    We too will be in a panic soon enough.

  2. Christine says:

    Seriously! You nailed that on the head! Our government is so greedy, they don’t even abide by the treaties they have signed with other countries limiting their use of fossil fuels and pollution which contribute to global warming that are already in place!
    (The same way they don’t UPHOLD the LAWS that are already in place)!

    The facts are VISIBLE and obvious. Those who would have us believe that there IS no problem are those who wish to extort every last dollar they can from a misinformed public!

    When the White House is under ten feet of water, perhaps THAT will wake them up!

  3. CraigD says:

    One problem the “global warmers” have is that they tend to speak in generalities. The doubters need proof. So, give them proof. Here in Chicago, Lake Michigan has gone from a chilly lake in the summer to a very warm one — from about 60 degrees to over 70 degrees, from the 1960’s to now. That is one example anyone living in the Midwest could check out. I am sure other observable effects can be shown.

    Unfortunately, the debate is probably moot. With recently observed huge methane releases seen in the Arctic, we have undoubtedly gone past the “tipping point”. There is no stopping it now. The only questions left are how much time does it take for Greenland to melt? How much of Antarctica will melt? How will regional climates change? and most important of all How will Ocean productivity be affected?

    BTW, don’t you just love how the Koch boys deny global warming while their oil companies make plans to take advantage of the melting Arctic?

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