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Republicans Are Racist Against Barack Obama? Poppycock!

If I hear someone tell me “Republicans are racist” when it comes to Barack Obama one more time, I swear I’m going to scream.

Obama pictured as a pimp Obama pictured as Santa Claus, speaking Ebonics

I mean, come on. What’s the big deal? All that these Republicans are doing is exposing the truth about Barack Obama, and they get called “Racist”?

Obama as B.A. from the A-Team with chains saying gimme yo change Obama, just like Saddam Hussein because he has the middle name Hussein Obama supporters are apes, chimpanzees to be exact

Republican voters are idealistic, not race-based in their thinking.

Obama's ears bigger, dressed in a turban and wearing Osama bin Laden's beard Barack Obama is pictured as a chimpanzee

Why is it that people are always pulling out the Race Card to give the Republican Party a hard time?

Obama is depicted as just another bum The Obama icon is turned into the Islamic symbol of the crescent and star, with the word ObamaNation, a homonym for abomination

Today’s Republican Party is loving, sensitive and intelligent.

Obama pictured in a turban, which, hello, isn't even Islamic, with the Islamic symbol of the crescent and star A blending of the claim that Barack Obama is a mulatto, an old racial term, with the expression of Latte Liberal.  Two bigotries in one!

All those people who say the Republican Party is racist about Barack Obama are just big-time haters who can’t stand freedom.

Ebonics again: Obama saying I is U President Explaining scientifically that Barack Obama is a Mulatto and his mother was a slut for sleeping with a Black man

23 thoughts on “Republicans Are Racist Against Barack Obama? Poppycock!”

  1. qs says:

    Obama’s Cambodia?

    From an overt war in Iraq to a covert war in Pakistan. How’s that for change?

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      I see. So, when confronted with extreme Republican racism, you try to change the subject, qs. Enough said about your attitudes.

      1. qs says:

        Those views are really bad Peregrin. What do you think of Obama’s partial surge strategy for Afghanistan?

        Obama only planning a one half surge?

        President Barack Obama decided to approve only 17,000 of the 30,000 troops requested by Gen. David McKiernan, the top commander of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan, and Gen. David Petraeus, the CENTCOM commander, after McKiernan was unable to tell him how they would be used, according to a White House source.
        But Obama is likely to be pressured by McKiernan and the Joint Chiefs to approve the remaining 13,000 troops requested after the completion of an Afghanistan-Pakistan policy review next month.
        Obama’s decision to approve just over half the full troop request for Afghanistan recalls a similar decision by President Lyndon B. Johnson to approve only part of the request for U.S. troop deployments in a parallel situation in the Vietnam War in April 1965 at a comparable stage of that war. Johnson reluctantly went along with the request for additional troops within weeks under pressure from both the field commander and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  2. Bob S-K says:

    Dayum. Wow. I can’t think of what to say. I– Wow. Shit.

  3. qs says:

    Wasn’t Bush’s surge in Iraq= 20,000 troops or so?

    Obama might out surge him if he decided to put in all 30,000.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Why is it that when you’re confronted with ugly Republican racism, you keep on trying to change the subject, qs? Why are you so uncomfortable discussing Republican racists with the same fervor you talk about Afghanistan?

      I’ll talk about Afghanistan, qs, but I’ll do it in the comments section of an article that actually is about Afghanistan. You can find one, qs. Use the search box. It’s in the upper right hand corner.

  4. Jon says:

    To imply that these shirts are the work of Republicans is disingenuous at best.
    Just a quick look at makes it clear that they sell shirts that are made custom order. Both sides of the fence, some tastefully done others not.
    I would further challenge that all of your examples are the product of racism. Some are making a point that Obama is a closet Muslim. I would guess that the closet part is what bothered these people. (The way he has “changed things in Washington, throwing out the old ways and replacing them with his new ways, might leave some confused about what he really advocates.) looks like the work of someone headquartered in a trailer park in MO.

    Some of these posters are definately WRONG.. however, are all of them racial attacks? Please give me your definition of Racism. Maybe yours includes anything that attacks the position of someone with physical differences. As far I can tell there is only one race. Human… the rest are all artificial constructs.

  5. Jim says:

    No, it’s not disingenuous at best. Just a quick look at the cafepress shopmakers I cite shows that they are consistent supporters of Republican candidates.

    Racism is the belief that the most important defining characteristic about someone like a presidential candidate is membership in a perceived racial category.

    If you don’t think that afactual insinuations that Barack Hussein Obama’s Kenyan middle name makes him one of a secret class who will take over the country for Islam are racist, then I don’t know what common ground we have for a conversation.

    1. Jon says:

      What I think is that no one knows what Obama is up to. I don’t think he is really capable of telling the country what his real agenda is, apart from double speak. Is he a Muslim Manchurian candidate..I don’t think so. But were I to think that’s true isn’t racist, Islam is a religion that is very thinly populated by Arabs. Most are from Asia.
      It would be the same as accusing you of Racism for being anti-Christian, it aint so, and saying so doesn’t make it any closer to the truth.

      “Just a quick look at the cafepress shopmakers I cite shows that they are consistent supporters of Republican candidates.”

      Yeah! with one eye shut and a finger in the other…hahhahha. They sell to both side of the fence and the guy sitting on the post.

      1. Jim says:

        There is no basis to think Barack Obama is a “Muslim Manchurian candidate” unless one presumes a racialized mandate of behavior based on Obama’s middle name or ascribes tribalistic mandates of behavior based on his ancestry. That’s exactly what people did during the 2008 campaign.

        It would be racist of me to accuse someone named Chris Davis of being a “Christian Manchurian candidate” simply because he had the first name Chris, which is a shortening of Christian, but which is now most often simply an first name associated with people of a certain ethnic heritage. It would be presuming a racialized mandate of behavior based on Chris Davis’ first name.

        You misunderstand the business model of CafePress and my reference to CafePress shops. CafePress, the company that prints the designs of various shopkeepers, is not Republican. It prints items of all sorts for people holding all sorts of ideas. The particular CafePress shops that I cite are partisan Republican.

        1. qs says:

          Ya, except OBAMA IS NOT A U.S. CITIZEN! Well he might, be but that is not clear yet. There is a good chance that Obama is an illegal immigrant who used fraud on his college applications.

          Regardless what is clear is that he is not a natural borne citizen.

          We need to keep the pressure on to expose the illegitimate president.

          1. Jim says:

            QS, I say for what must be at least the sixth time:

            Do you have any, ANY, actual evidence that shows Obama to be an illegal immigrant? Not conspiratorial articles written by people “just asking questions” that back up your world view in which the middle name of Hussein means he’s an illegal immigrant. Actual evidence. Show it if you have it. Come on, QS, put it down on the table.

            You don’t have any such evidence. You won’t show it. And yet you persist in repeating this. Think about where that places you.

          2. Jon says:

            I believe that when I have gone through orientation on a new job, the burden of proof for citizenship lies with me. Such as providing a valid form of ID. As a matter of fact one professional license I have required me to provide a valid copy of my birth certificate, to be on file with the state. Why should the President be required to do less. Oh that right he’s special, a Messiah in political form.

            If the point were looked at honestly, there is something fishy about sealing you Birth Certificate away. Then having someone else, like the Gov vouch for it…..
            That’s the kind of stuff that starts conspiracy! theories…..

          3. Jim says:

            Barack Obama’s birth certificate HAS been validated, all the way up to the REPUBLICAN Governor of Hawaii. You have NO evidence to support what you’re alleging, Jon. NO evidence, just like qs has NO evidence, to support the idea that it’s even a reasonable conclusion.

            Tell you what. Why don’t you post images of your birth certificate and social security number right here online? Until you do, I’ll insist that you must not be an American, and that you are, indeed, a space alien from the Klaaatu nebula. That is, after all, your new standard of evidence for justifying such foaming at the mouth… and you haven’t proved you aren”t a space alien from the Klaaatu nebula! AHA! I SMELL A COVERUP!

          4. Jim says:

            Aha! As soon as I mention the Klaaatu nebula, you go silent. See? That shows that you must be a space alien from the Klaaatu nebula, and you can’t prove that you aren’t.

  6. monique says:

    dat iz sum fuqed up shyt

  7. HareTrinity says:

    So does the QS stand for Quasi-Sentient?

    You’re a laugh man.

    1. Jon says:

      What does HareTrinity mean anyway? Did you do the cute drawing of the Pirate with two swords? or the cute lego men?

  8. Christine says:

    By Patrick J. Buchanan… The rest of the comment is a cut-and-pasted article. We don’t allow that sort of thing on Irregular Times. – ITimes

  9. hannah bell says:

    i am not a racist but i am a redneck

  10. likejon says:

    I hereby authorize the Department of Vital Statistics for Klaaatu Nebula to release any and all records pertaining to me, as well as authorize any educational establishment I have attended to release all records pertaining to myself. I don’t have an army of lawyers suppressing those documents, unlike that puny-egghead president of the Earthling nation of the United States. What does he have to hide, that other presidential candidates don’t, whom have released such information?

  11. Anonymous says:

    does a couple of racist dudes make all repulicans racist? Thats really strange and I dont want to support a racist party. I should become Democrate except dang, they have racist people as well. Well heck, sense there are racist people evrywhere and its obvious from this article a couple racist people makes an entire party racist I should simply hide in my closet

  12. Justin says:

    Is neither Republican nor Dem/Lib. They have gay pride bumperstickers, not exactly a Republican cause, they have Voltaire commenting on virginity not being a virtue. Not exactly something a Republican would back. Its merely a vendor. Someone paid them to make those shirts. There are as many racists on the liberal side as there are on the Republican side. Niether one has set itself apart as being the party of unity. Liberals hate everything that makes America America. They wish to rewrite history and change the country that gives them the freedom to be what they are into a country that will never allow people to be what they want. Funny but that doesnt sound very liberal to me, it sounds facist when get right down to it. Tell me how many Bush hating banners, shirts, posters bumperstickers did you guys commision or buy? And none of you are gay or any race other than caucasian?

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