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Times: Documents Prove American Involvement in Repeated Genital Torture

According to an article in tomorrow’s New York Times, documents that the United States and British governments under the Bush, Blair, Obama and Brown administrations have gone to court to prevent from being released support the allegations of Binyam Mohamed, who has been held for seven years in detention without any charges at the Guantanamo Bay facility by our government and who is being released without any charges tomorrow.

The allegations made by Binyam Mohamed, the allegations that the New York Times says classified documents support, are that he was taken to Morocco detention by American agents and, approximately once a month, was stripped naked and cut on the chest and penis with a razor, and that this treatment was documented by American agents who took photographs and said the photographs were to be sent on “to show Washington it’s healing.”

If what the New York Times says is true, then there is proof that the United States government has been informed and involved in a system of illegal extraordinary rendition and torture of its detainees, including this detainee who was never charged with any crime. If what the New York Times says is true, then four administrations of the British and American governments have been involved in a coverup to hide the truth from you.

The Obama administration has gone to court to keep Binyam Mohamed from even bringing a case before an American court to see his evidence and hear his testimony. The Obama administration has been pressuring the British government to keep the documentation of Binyam Mohamed’s torture under wraps. Until and unless the Obama administration shifts its policy, it is morally implicated.

2 thoughts on “Times: Documents Prove American Involvement in Repeated Genital Torture”

  1. qs says:


    I don’t like George Bush so I’d love to get this guy. Not only that, but the conservative base needs to WAKE THE HELL up and start fighting against our illegal president.

    Bush trials will not only get Bush (a good thing) but hopefully anger our the stupid GOP base.

  2. Tom says:

    Continuing Bush’s failed policies will keep Obama from being able to appoint a prosecutor to investigate all the unconstitutional, illegal, immoral and secret policies he implemented while in office, since Obama will be implicated as well. Closing Gitmo was a start, but Obama’s been hi-jacked by the military/industrial gang (and Wall Street).

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