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US Military Scamming Its Own Soldiers

Tis the season for military recruiting. Huge numbers of teenagers will be graduating from high school in just a few months, and those who aren’t going to college are especially busy trying to figure out what they’re going to do with themselves.

US military recruiters try to take advantage of their uncertainty, and their fear about the future. Given privileged access to high school students, the recruiters sweep into classrooms and school auditoriums, making big promises about the supposed adventure of military life, minimizing the downsides of a life lived under orders from surrogate parents, violence, lifelong injury and death.

Don’t worry, the recruiters say. If anything bad happens to you, the military will be there to take care of you, and your family. We take care of our own, they say.

Today, we’ve learned that these promises are lies. The Associated Press reports that the Army has been pressuring active duty soldiers to donate their hard-earned money to something called Army Emergency Relief. Army Emergency Relief is a charity controlled by the Army that’s supposed to help soldiers returning from war.

What’s really happened is that Army Emergency Relief has taken soldiers’ money and hoarded it, using only a small fraction of the money to help soldiers trying to return to civilian life. While huge numbers of soldiers are having to try to make ends meet in a rotten economy in which jobs are scarce, Army Emergency Relief has been denying soldiers the kind of assistance they’ve been promised, even though it has plenty of money to spend.

I can understand that graduating high school seniors have good reason to fear that they won’t be able to support themselves in this economy, but that’s no reason for them to throw themselves into the clutches of a system designed to cheat them of their money, if not their lives. Those military recruiters will lie to you, promising the world, but they send inexperienced young Americans off into harm’s way on unnecessary missions. Then, when those young Americans been shot up or shellshocked so that they’re not of use to the military anymore, they’re kicked to the curb.

There are better options. Get a roommate. Stay with your parents for an extra six months if you have to. Just please don’t fall for the lies of a military recruiter who’s rewarded for bringing in as many suckers as he can. Don’t let the premature last chapter of your young life be: He was lied to.

9 thoughts on “US Military Scamming Its Own Soldiers”

  1. s q says:

    ,The U.S. Military is one organization we need to do away with ASAP.

    I actually think Obama might be an illegal immigrant, but he’s definitely not a natural born citizen so he shouldn’t be president. However, since he controls the guns (the U.S. military), that makes him legitimate. So it’s easy for any rational person to draw the conclusion that the U.S. military IS THE PROBLEM.
    The U.S. military might actually be a tolerable organization so long as the second amendment was given equal protection as the type of guns they get.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      So, would it be “tolerable” to you for the military to keep deceiving soldiers with this kind of scam, so long as you could get a big gun, “s q”?

      1. sq says:

        Well no, it would still be better to do with the standing army, but I do think it would still be more tolerable if we allowed private citizens to own any and all weapons that the military is allowed to own.

        That way if the IRS tried to step on your property without permission, you would have adequate defense.

        1. Peregrin Wood says:

          Nuclear weapons, for example. You want private citizens to own nuclear missiles?

          1. sq says:

            If they can afford them absolutely, and I’m not being fascias. If we’re going to allow the U.S. military to own nukes, I CERTAINLY support private individuals RIGHTs to owns them too. It would make for an excellent deterrent or other agents of the government that would attempt to move onto your property without permission.

            As long we break the governments monopoly on force I’d be OK with compromising. I don’t mind the idea of having the State governors controls the nukes, but I am absolutely opposed to allowing Obama to control them.

            Our government keeps telling us that they are there to protect us, but they are fucking lying. If you try to weapons, they will attack and disarm you and then tell you that they’re doing it to protect you. That’s a monopoly of force that annoys me.

    2. sq says:


  2. sq says:

    Senator Shelby even criticized Obama’s scam he has going to day questioning his citizenship. I think the GOP should form a united front opposing Obama as an illegitimate president. We have too many worthless RINO’s in our party like the Maine witches though to do much right now though so we need to get rid of the backage,

  3. sq says:



  4. sq says:


    Gah lack of sleep. My mind isn’t functioning this morning yet.,

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