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Republicans Protesting Tax Cut?

It’s upside-down world in Washington D.C. since Barack Obama took office. Republicans are protesting against a huge tax cut, and Democrats are rallying in favor of it.

tax cuts versus green energy billsReally, that’s what the fight about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act boils down to. The biggest chunk of that economic stimulus legislation is tax cuts, after all – by far. The tax cuts are twice as big as the next biggest item. Go to the White House site for tracking the stimulus money – and see it for yourself.

We heard a lot during the 2008 presidential campaign about how Barack Obama would invest in green energy to create jobs, and confront global warming, and bring energy costs back under control. But, now that Obama is actually president, the amount that he’s spending on sustainable energy projects is much, much smaller than what he’s spending on tax cuts.

The tax cuts got 288 billion dollars. Green energy infrastructure only got 43 billion.

Just imagine if it had been the other way – if we had 288 billion given to the development and implementation of renewable energy, and 43 billion given to tax cuts. Then we’d have jobs. Then we’d have energy we could afford. Then we’d have significant action on climate change.

Instead, we’re shoveling cash into a furnace, and saving a relative pittance for investment in our nation’s future. The Republicans got just what they wanted.

1 comment to Republicans Protesting Tax Cut?

  • Tom

    This bill was put together hastily and a lot of needed projects were cut while the Repukes demanded their failed tax cuts for corporations and their rich cronies get included, or it wouldn’t have passed at all. This is, once again, not the change we voted for.

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