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Untrue News, If True, Would Be Astounding!

Under a headline of Fairness Doctrine: Not Just for Radio Anymore, Sheldon Townsend writes the following about liberal plans to squelch free speech:

Fox News is reporting that the American Spectator magazine said yesterday that Congressman Henry Waxman (Spendocrat from California) wants to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine and apply it to the web. As Fox News says:

“The American Spectator reported Monday that Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., is taking the call to a new level. The article said aides to the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee met last week with Federal Communications Commission staff to discuss ways to not only enact those policies but give Waxman’s panel greater oversight over the Internet. ”

“It’s all about diversity in media,” the Spectator quoted a House energy committee staff member as saying . . . “Does one heavily trafficked Internet site present one side of an issue and not link to sites that present alternative views?”

Meanwhile, Waxman’s office is denying it.

But if true, it would wreak havoc on the internet…

And that’s how news is made. See, now I can tell you the news that Sheldon Townsend is reporting that Fox News is reporting that the American Spectator said that Henry Waxman’s staff met with the FCC to find some new way to blow up all the Canada geese in the world with a secret laser gun made from powdered Care Bear!

Given the history of the American Spectator as a source of falsehood, it really shouldn’t be the primary source for anything… especially when all the parties supposedly involved have directly denied that any such meeting took place:

“Those meetings did not happen,” FCC spokesman David Fiske told B&C Wednesday. “FCC staffers did not meet with the Waxman staff. We flatly deny that [American Spectator] story.”

A committee spokesperson was equally definitive in an e-mailed statement to B&C: “The American Spectator printed a fictitious story alleging that Chairman Waxman and the House Energy and Commerce Committee were having conversations with the FCC about putting in place a form of the Fairness Doctrine. The American Spectator report is false and was written without any documentation or attribution.

But never mind all that the-meeting-never-happened and Waxman-isn’t-planning-it. Don’t bother with the record of Henry Waxman as a defender of government accountability and civil liberties, either. As soon as the American Spectator says something without documentation, the American Spectator saying it, and Fox News saying the American Spectator said it, is news!

This is how you got Vince Foster, murdered in cold blood by Hillary Clinton. This is how you got Barack Obama, the secret Muslim who is an illegal immigrant born in Kenya and the secret love child of Malcolm X. Now this is how you get Henry Waxman, the free speech advocate, secretly plotting speech regulations for the Internet. All “news”!

What will come next? Is Tinky Winky gay? Oh, wait. That’s already been covered.

2 thoughts on “Untrue News, If True, Would Be Astounding!”

  1. Kevin says:

    OH COME ON! why are you so shrill?

    I give equal weight to anything I read in the American Speculator and important emails alerting me to an inheritance from a long lost uncle.

  2. Jim says:

    You do, maybe. But the conservative blogosphere is STILL talking about this story as if it were real… and you’re calling me shrill.

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