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What Changes Does Skreened Have Up Its Sleeve for March?

Skreened, the only print-on-demand service in the known universe to sell shirts exclusively made in certifiably sweatshop-free conditions, has changes afoot. On March 1, the design and print shop is set to unveil a new website, the result of what the staff cryptically teases is a “makeover.”

What will we see? I don’t have a shred of insider information on this, so I’m going to do the Wall Street thing and speculate. If I had to bet $10, I’d guess that we’ll see three out of the five following changes:

1. Customizable shop appearance. The ability to add more individualized styling such as banner graphics and cascading style sheets to each designer’s shop, lending more of a distinct web presence.

2. Blogware. The ability to write short or long pieces of writing on shops at, with each of those pieces also featuring a related shirt design. This was a feature seen but not fully exploited at the flawed, sketchy and expired print-on-demand outfit called Goodstorm.

3. A different set of graphics and fonts for the website overall. This would be the smallest-scale and most disappointing sort of “makeover” Skreened could offer. I mean, nice-looking and all, but not a functional improvement.

4. Increased integration of ethical possibilities with the shop. Skreened has a history of giving a portion of its proceeds to charities with international social development causes, and it has a presence (without activity yet) on microloaning with Kiva. Will Skreened offer donation or microinvestment widgets, or write more about the ethics of shirt production?

5. More shop export tricks and tweaks. Skreened already has a few low-key tricks to help you link into your t-shirt. Shop managers, did you know that if you select a link to “manage this shop,” then click again on the “products” link at the top of the page, an Excel icon will appear in the upper-right-hand corner? Click that icon and you can download a comma-delimited spreadsheet with all the raw data you need to put a mirror of your shop up on your own website, with affiliate links and everything. Did you know that the URLs of Skreened t-shirt images have variables hidden in them that you can play with? Check this out: the image URL points to a 250 pixel wide, 350 pixel tall graphic of our Think Green design on a woman’s organic t-shirt, colored Dijon:

Think Green Women's Organic Cotton Dijon T-Shirt

But the image URL features the same Think Green design on a white kid’s t-shirt in a 200 pixel wide, 280 pixel tall image:

White Think Green Kids' T-Shirt

There are a lot of possibilities in website integration for someone who’s willing to noodle with these already-existing features. Will Skreened make it easier for the non-noodler to use these features, or will it add more?

What exactly does Skreened have up its sleeve, ready to roll out in five days? Wait five days and find out!

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