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You Say You Don't Have Time?

So you say that you don’t have time to do that thing you’ve been meaning to do, don’t have time to get involved in that activist cause, don’t have time to walk instead of driving a car, don’t have time to plant a vegetable garden this year to help revitalize the local food infrastructure?

Maybe, just maybe you’re telling the truth. However, the chances are that, if you say that you don’t have the time to do that sort of thing, and you’re an American, you’re lying.

The chances are that you have plenty of time to do that kind of stuff. You’d just rather be doing something else: Namely, watching television. The Neilsen Company, which provides the data that support television ratings, concludes that the average American above the age of two watched 151 hours of television per month in October, November and December of 2008.

That’s a little bit under 5 hours per day.

What could you do with 5 more hours per day, if you weren’t watching television?

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