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Climate Change At The Poles Faster Than Thought

Fans of Roy Spencer and denial of global warming need to read the latest report from the International Polar Year. It’s a good summary of the state of the state of research into the state of climate change at the poles. To sum it up quickly, climate change is happening, and it’s happening faster than had been predicted just a few years ago.

Global warming deniers need to face the facts that the scientists of the International Polar Year research have brought to our attention. These facts have come through measurements of what’s happening now in the real world, not just in computer models or theories about the future.

People who don’t want to accept the idea that climate change is happening like to toss out a lot of distractions that tend to focus on personalities, like Al Gore. They figure that if they can bring down these personalities, they can dismiss what’s happening with climate change. If they can just point out that Al Gore rides on airplanes, they think, then they can disprove global warming.

Well, the work of the International Polar Year was done by teams of scientists from around the world. Al Gore doesn’t have a thing to do with their research. The International Polar Year framework wasn’t designed in order to find evidence of climate change. In fact, the International Council for Science and the World Meteorological Organization, in setting up the International Polar Year, are just following in a very old research tradition of International Polar Years, going back all the way to the 1880s, long before the idea of climate change came about.

To discount the research of the International Polar Year, you’ve got to argue that there’s some kind of international conspiracy of scientists to lie about their work in order to fool people around the world – or, you’ve got to conclude that these scientists, all from different research institutions in different countries, are professionally incompetent.

That’s an extreme theory, and extreme theories need solid evidence to back them up. So, where’s the evidence of the international scientific conspiracy? Where’s the evidence of international scientific incompetence? I’m willing to look at it, if someone can point me the way.

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