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Sea Change Set for March 14

sea change stark graphicBack in late November, I mentioned that an independent documentary on ocean acidification would be released in early 2009. Now the word is out: The film, entitled A Sea Change, will premier on March 14th at 3:30 PM at the National Museum of Natural History on the Mall in Washington D.C.

This premier is just one part of a larger event, the DC Environmental Film Festival. Among the films to be shown at the festival:

Addicted to Plastic
Aigoual, the Rebirth of a Forest
Ashes From the Sky
Azur and Asmar
The Big Blue
Black Diamonds

If you happen to be in DC this March, go on and take a look. Many of these films look entertaining as well as informative.

As for myself, I’d love to be there to see all these films, but I live several hundred miles away from Washington, D.C. I think it would be more environmentally responsible for me to stay at home and get information the old fashioned way, by reading it, than to burn up a huge amount of fossil fuels just to go watch movies about being environmentally responsible. Perhaps I’ll order DVDs through the mail to share with others.

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