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Buy American in the USA To Cut Air Pollution

Here’s yet another reason to buy American-made products if you live in the USA: It turns out that overseas shipping generates huge amounts of air pollution. The Journal of Geophysical Research reported this week that new research about shipping by oceangoing boats from NOAA and the University of Colorado determined that “Globally, commercial ships emit almost half as much particulate matter pollutants into the air as the total amount released by the world’s cars.”

If you live in the USA and you’re buying something that comes from outside the USA, Canada and Mexico, the chances are good that what you’re getting was shipped by boat. So, you’re purchasing a lot of pollution along with that product.

We enthusiastically support the work of shirt retailer Skreened, because the people at Skreened only sell stuff that’s made in the USA, and that’s the way it’s been since day one. Their work not only lets people avoid clothes made in nasty sweatshops overseas, but also leaves less of a dirty smudge on the world than other t-shirt manufacturers who are willing to spew a bunch of pollution with inefficient high seas shipping, just in order to save a buck.

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