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Obama Coming to Columbus, Ohio on Friday March 6. Protest, Anyone?

Barack Obama has gone to court declaring information about American torture or domestic warrantless spying to be an off-limits state secret. Barack Obama has gone to court to prevent people from preserving their constitutional rights.

Barack Obama is coming to Columbus, Ohio on Friday, March 6, 2009.

This is an opportunity to speak truth to power. If at all possible, I will be where Barack Obama is, distributing free posters with the Bill of Rights on them and holding a sign asking Barack Obama to uphold Americans’ constitutional rights. I’ll also have an annotated and sourced statement for any members of the press explaining the problems with the constitutional flip-flops of the Obama administration and detailing the course of action he should be taking instead.

If you are in the neighborhood, I’d like you to join me.

I’ll keep you updated as the week progresses and as information becomes more available.

If you have any information on this event to share, please do so in the comments section.

Update 1: logistical information for the event at the Aladdin Shrine Center is here.

Update 2: On access issues, I have contacted the Mayor’s Office multiple times over multiple days and not received any description of the city’s permitting process. Although I continue to make attempts at contact, no replies from the office of the Mayor of Columbus are forthcoming, so the protest moves ahead without a permit: here’s a press release describing the event and its motivations. (See Update 5!)

Update 3: Event information posted at Progress Ohio.

Update 4: Facebook page posted.

Update 5: May I sing the praises of the ACLU of Ohio? The Mayor’s Office forwarded me time after time to the security detail for the Mayor, the security detail didn’t get back to me, lather, rinse, repeat… until I called the ACLU of Ohio, senior leadership of which got back in touch with me, listened very well to what I had to say, then made some calls around to various parts of the Columbus city government and… got an answer!

The answer forthcoming from the ACLU of Ohio is: YES, folks, political demonstrators WILL be able to peaceably assemble to air their grievances along the sidewalk on BOTH sides of Stelzer Road, right up to the entrance to the Aladdin Shrine center. We WILL be able to hold signs for viewing as Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama pass. This IS how the first amendment is supposed to work. Huzzah… and thanks again to the ACLU of Ohio for helping to clarify the situation for political demonstrators of all sorts.

20 comments to Obama Coming to Columbus, Ohio on Friday March 6. Protest, Anyone?

  • Bo

    I’ll Be There Protesting his view on the second admendment

  • Jim

    Well, it’s certainly your first amendment right to do so. Do you care as much about the rest of the constitution?

  • Tom

    i wish i could be there – and i’ll do my part when he visits Philly someday. Give ’em hell Jim. Bring that sign you had at the inauguration (that he didn’t get to see).

  • lepelerin

    The Arnold Classic is in town. Send those body builders and weight lifters over to put some sense into this President. Enough spending money we don’t have!

  • Matt

    I live in Columbus and will defiantly meet with you to make a stand and let this president know he is about to start a revolution rather he wants one or not!

    I live not far rom the police academy and know the area well. We need to try and Identify 2 main things…1 time of event aprox. as well as location of event…….if it is at police academy a good location could be tricky as the entrance to academy is straight off of exit ramp from I 70……I would guess this is the facility they will use as it will provide the best security for Obama while allowing him freer access to mingle with media……IE this aint nothin but a PR stunt……We need to leverage that too our advantage…more thoughts on this to come.

    email is open to all with ideas and that would like to come out in support of our constitution, our freedom, our Republic, and most importantly for our children.

  • Beth

    The graduation is not at the Academy.

  • Kristina

    Hey I would really like to be involved in this…Is there any set time and place yet???

  • rachael

    i would really like to join if there is a set time / place please let me know!!!!!

  • Brittany

    I would love to be there and know several others that would join me, please email me time and meeting place asap.

  • Jim

    From the Columbus Dispatch just now:

    Obama is to land in Columbus at about 10:35 a.m. and then travel to the Aladdin Shrine Center at 3850 Stelzer Rd. near Easton Town Center. The graduation ceremony, where Obama is to speak, is scheduled to begin at 10:25. Obama is scheduled to fly out on Air Force One at 1 p.m.

    I’m calling the Mayor’s office… a full post is forthcoming in a moment.

  • Ron

    The Aladdin Shrine Center is not easy to get to or park. How can we best organize this protest?

  • Jim

    See here for logistical details on getting there and parking. Easton Town Center has lots of parking and is a short walk away; if you’re in a wheelchair there are sidewalks from Easton to Aladdin.

    As for organizing the protest, I’ll be:

    1. Calling the Mayor’s Office at 9:15 AM to see if a permit is necessary (they had no idea yesterday)
    2. Putting up a facebook and a static html page with details this morning
    3. Bringing about 3,000 23×35 Bill of Rights Posters
    4. Calling a handful of organizations around town to let them know about it
    5. Calling the dispatch and WOSU to let them know that a small group will be there, and forwarding on
    6. …a 1 page press release regarding the current state of the Obama administration as regards civil liberties

    Other than that, Ron, do you have any ideas?

  • Ron

    What time do we all meet and what location?

    • Jim

      Go to the logistics page I just directed you to, which shows the details of the Obama event. That’s where we meet, tomorrow morning, as close to the Aladdin Shrine Center as we are permitted by the Secret Service and various law enforcement types. As the logistics page mentions, I’m planning to be there as early as I can be, which for me is about 9:00 AM.

  • Matt Hollingsworth

    Rock On, we need the revolutionary spirit to burn through Columbus this weekend. I wish i could partakc, but work and making my living is harder now due to this fools policies. I wonder if there are more productive ways to bring a revolution. The issue I have always had with protest is that the media can spin it however they want. If you guys have any creative ideas on changing the country back to what the founders desired. Please submit a comment. I wish you all the best and post pictures if you can of the event.

  • Joe

    Just curious. Why didn’t any of you protest George W. Bush’s assault on the First and Fourth Amendments? I applaud your spirit to get out there and protest, thereby by exercising your First Amendment rights. EXACTLY what are you protesting though? His stimulus money saved 25 police jobs that were going to be eliminated.

    • Joe, we did protest Bush’s assaults on the Constitution, for eight long years – many of which Obama is continuing and even expanding. Big Brother government spying, faith-based initiatives, state secrets, coverup of torture… the list is long.

  • wlk

    Hey you all…we (Democratics) will be out by the tens of thosands to rebuttal you! Your Plans will be squashed!!! We too are making plans and if you want a revolution you’ll get one!

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