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Genuine Biblical View Of The Recession

As financial professionals are running around with their hands waving in the air because of a three percent loss of value for wealthy investors, Reuters is running a story headlined, A Biblical view of the recession. I was curious, but the only thing in the article that referred to the Bible was a quote from Wall Street manager Gregory Brenneman, who said of the recession that “It’s like the story of Joseph”.

How is the recession like the story of Joseph in the Old Testament? Is Gregory Brenneman trying to say that Wall Street has thrown American workers into a pit to steal the shirts off our backs and sell us into slavery? Gee, thanks for the tip, pharoh. Or, is Gregory Brenneman trying to tell us that the recession has come about because our nation’s leaders have been listening to financial gurus who try to predict the future of the economy through dream interpretation? That sounds about right.

Still, the Bible didn’t really say anything about this recession, or any financial situations like it. That’s because it was written two thousand years ago, in a time and place where debts might be paid in the form of figs. The Bible does have a few things to say about money in general, of course: Pay your taxes (rendering unto Caesar) and you can’t trust rich people (the eye of the needle, a camel, and heaven).

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