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Government Use of Torture Was Isolated. 92 Times in Isolation Chambers, That is. What is the ACLU's Problem?

Sure, at first the government said there were no tapes of American agents torturing detainees. After all, as President George W. Bush said unequivocally, “We do not torture.”

Then, sure, after a federal judge ordered the government to disclose the truth, the government said that OK, there were two videotapes of American agents torturing detainees, even though a judge had told the government to preserve all evidence. Whoopsie, the government said. That was a mistake, but we only did it twice. Now trust us, the government said. Our use of torture, and our destruction of evidence about it, is isolated to these two incidents, the government said. Really, only “isolated allegations of misconduct have been reported,” the government said. Now go away, leave us alone. Just trust us.

Then, sure, after the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit and just wouldn’t go away with its “arguments” and its “legal briefs” and “justifications” based on “laws” and the “constitution,” the government said today that, OK, 92 videotapes were destroyed, which really is two, you know, just two 46 times over. A whole lot of twos. And each and every one of these incidents was “isolated,” you know, like in an isolation chamber. So there’s no problem here. Can you just go away now, just leave us alone? Just trust us, now that we’ve really told you everything we know, really now, all of it, this time, yes, really, all of it, yep, that’s all of it, so go away.

The reaction to the latest final and complete revelation over at Fox News: “Who can sue ACLU for crimes against morality?”

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