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Climate Change Action Protest in Washington D.C.

The new corporate line on climate change is that we can’t be bothered thinking about it right now, because the economy is in so much trouble that we have to focus on that instead. To anyone who’s been paying attention to the plans proposed by climate activists, that’s a bogus argument. Climate activists understand that sustainability is an economic issue as much as it is an economic issue. An economy that isn’t environmentally sustainable cannot continue to prosper.

climate change action protestClimate activists support efficiency in a holistic manner, rather than the restricted, abstract manner that has led to Wall Street’s collapse. Old industry can only see how to cut costs in the moment, by using the quickest, dirtiest sources of energy, even though those sources of energy create tremendous long term costs. Climate activists seek to reduce costs in the long term, so that present investments in genuine clean energy projects will continue to create wealth for generations to come.

We shouldn’t ignore climate issues because the economy is in rotten shape. The reason the economy is in rotten shape is that our nation’s economy strategy has been antagonistic to an environmentalist perspective. The global economic failure makes this the perfect time to lay the foundation of a global strategy for resistance to climate change.

The people who organized the Capitol Climate Action on Monday understand the importance of this historical moment. Thousands of people gathered for a march and a nonviolent protest at the gates of a dirty coal-burning power plant in Washington D.C.

Thanks to them for their activism. Let’s support it with our own resolve to put climate and sustainability at the center of economic recovery plans, where it belongs.

7 thoughts on “Climate Change Action Protest in Washington D.C.”

  1. Justin Ert says:

    Doesn’t seem like thousands to me. I count 43 togged up in cold weather clothes in snow.

    1. Green Man says:

      Loll indeed, Justin. This just one part of one cropped photograph in one location, and the activists split up into several groups at different locations around the coal plant’s many gates. Thanks for reminding me what the possession of a tiny bit of a larger piece of information can do.

  2. sceptic says:

    Climate change is a hoax. Used to be called the weather. Now it’s been trumped up to support a political agenda. It’s like blaming plane crashes on gravity and trying to change that. Fact is, trends have shown a cooling tendency. And we can’t do anything about that either. So, let’s not make life more expensive for the common man because some rich liberal have money to burn as they fly around the country in a panic. next you’ll want me to carbon off-set my BBQ. What a laugh!

    1. Jim says:

      “Climate” and “weather” are two words that have never meant the same thing. If you don’t understand the difference between the two, it’s no wonder you’re confused.

      1. sceptic says:

        My point is that global warming alarmists will use the weather – a heat wave or a periodic melting of the arctic ice caps – to suggest a trend – global warming.

        Global temperature have gone up and down for centuries and in fact are trending down over the last ten years. Global ice caps have been receding and advancing for many decades – since we have been measuring them. In fact the polar ice cap – the North Pole is actually growing. So you can call this the weather or global warming. I call it the weather. Global warming is a hoax.

        1. Green Man says:

          sceptic, you have very conveniently ignored data such as the following. Please tell me how it demonstrates that global warming is a hoax and that the global temperature is trending down over the last ten years:

    2. ReMarker says:

      Regardless of ANY climate change implications, carbon based pollutants in our atmosphere causes injury and death.

      Emm, I’m not going to stop using my grill, but I do recycle and do other eco-friendly things to reduce my polution foot print. If that helps the climate change concerns scientists have, then great. If I am needed to chip in money to help a system of reducing earth polutants for any reason, including keeping things smelling nice, I will, np. They don’t even need a climate change argument to get my help. Stopping “Pollution” is enough.

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