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Colleges With True Green Vision

Yesterday’s protest at the DC coal power plant was a smackdown of the claim that people have stopped caring about climate change because the economy is falling apart. The nonviolent activism refreshed the passion of Americans on issues of clean energy.

It turns out that this protest wasn’t an isolated event. It was connected to a student activist effort called Power Shift ’09. As part of Power Shift, large numbers of students from colleges across the country traveled to Washington D.C. or phoned in from where they lived to lobby members of Congress in favor of true clean energy initiatives.

Power Shift took note of which colleges its activists came from. The following were the top 5 schools in terms of registered participation:

University of Vermont
Middlebury College
Connecticut College
University of Maryland College Park
Oberlin College

A lot of high school juniors are trying to figure out right now where they’d like to go to college a couple years from now. For those who think they might be interested in careers related to clean energy and climate change, it looks like the schools listed above would be good places to focus on. They’ve proven to be home to students who are interested in integrating their scientific education with environmental activism.

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