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What Did Democracy For America Stand For?

I went back to the web site of Democracy for Montana, a former affiliate of Democracy for America, which started out as Dean for America, today. What I found has me wondering whether Democracy for America really ever stood for anything other than promoting Howard Dean.

The web site has zero users and zero guests, and its front page merely reads: “I just created this content item so there would be something on the front page to replace the default new-site page.”

Howard Dean has left his post as chair of the Democratic National Committee to go work for a law firm, helping its clients to gain government access. At the same time, Democracy for America affiliates around the country are falling apart.

Having created content to fill in a temporary replacement for the default? That seems to have been the path for Democracy for America all along.

One thought on “What Did Democracy For America Stand For?”

  1. Tom says:

    See, here we go again. A former big wig in politics goes to work as a lobbyist “helping [his] clients to gain government access.” Clients = people with MONEY. So unless you have a bunch of money to throw around, “you don’t get no access, capisce?” So ordinary citizens (you know the ones the government is supposed to be “of, by and for”) are left out of this access. This isn’t the way democracy is supposed to work. It was never designed to be about money and political influence. Thanks for once again exposing the rot that has deteriorated our nation to the bankrupt, immoral, corrupted condition that it’s in today.

    Politics is a crock of shit. Vested interest groups, lobbyists and corporate Amerikkka reign over feckless, duped, ignorant, broke citizens.

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