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Nuclear Weapons and Ambulances

Mother Davis chops mushrooms for her morning omelette as she reads,
The Omnibus Appropriations Act that the Green Man referred to yesterday is quickly nearing a final vote. A cloture vote has been introduced to the floor of the Senate, which would cut off attempts to amend the legislation. So, now is a good time to look into some of the details of this supplementary spending bill.

We tend to pay attention to the big picture with bills like this, and so some things never make it into public awareness. One of those neglected portions of this bill is a clause that would provide over six billion dollars to the Department of Energy. This is money, above and beyond the ordinary budget for nuclear weapons programs, to pay for extra costs that come about from the general task of taking care of America’s most deadly weapons of mass destruction:

“For Department of Energy expenses, including the purchase, construction, and acquisition of plant and capital equipment and other incidental expenses necessary for atomic energy defense weapons activities in carrying out the purposes of the Department of Energy Organization Act (42 U.S.C. 7101 et seq.), including the acquisition or condemnation of any real property or any facility or for plant or facility acquisition, construction, or expansion, the purchase of not to exceed two passenger motor vehicles, and one ambulance; $6,380,000,000, to remain available until expended.”

I presume that, out of this 6.38 billion dollars in spending, the ambulance is a relatively small item. Yet, symbolically, it looms large.

Our government has huge numbers of nuclear bombs, each one of which could destroy an entire city all on its own, but in keeping those bombs ready to explode, it feels the need to get an ambulance, just in case.

This clause ought to be a reminder of our nation’s denial of the tremendous violence we have prepared to unleash. Instead, it is an example of that denial.

Checking again to see whether those mushrooms are toxic,
Mother Davis

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