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CafePress Shuts Off Referral Income: Le$$ Effective

CafePress, the online print-on-demand megacenter, is shutting down its referral program in which shopkeepers could make a little dough by getting other people to start CafePress shops and putting their designs on t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, stuffed bears, thongs, stamps, stampmakers, stampmaker-makers and bidet warmers. CafePress’ explanation:

Why is the Referral Program being discontinued?
The Referral Program was created to recruit new Shopkeepers. Although it was an effective program when it started, it has been less effective over the past few years. As with any under-performing program, we need to evaluate whether it needs refinement or be discontinued. After evaluation, we have decided to discontinue the Referral Program and make room for other programs.

A translation using my handy-dandy copy of the Corporate-English Dictionary:

Why is the Referral Program being discontinued?
Our profits are too low and we need more money. If we stop the program we don’t have to pay people as much. Please, Sweet Jesus, make the economy turn around soon.

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