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What Good Do The Nukes Do?

A few nuclear thoughts a Saturday morning:

Eight years ago, a few terrorists managed to destroy two big towers in the United States. Our reaction to the destruction of those buildings has managed to rot the fabric of our democracy, has indebted our government and has left us unable to deal with our deteriorating economy.

That small attack used our national psychology to devastate our country very effectively. Our country has many thousands of nuclear weapons, which our government claims have been a necessary deterrent. Still, those weapons, even when combined with the largest military force in the world, were not able to deter the attack of September 11, 2001.

The nuclear deterrent seems not to have worked. The size of our military seems not to have protected us. Nuclear weapons have a huge explosion. Our military budget is bigger than the rest of the world’s military budgets combined. Still, their bigness wasn’t effective protection. A small, strategic attack was able to thwart them easily.

So, what have we got thousands of nuclear weapons for? What have we got the biggest military on Earth for? If we want an effective defense, why can’t it be small and strategic, instead of big and blind?

8 thoughts on “What Good Do The Nukes Do?”

  1. Tom says:

    After working on the A-bomb for the war effort, Einstein wrote FDR asking him to begin leading the world toward unity so that this ungodly destructive force would never have to be used again. Politicians largely use scientists to do the bidding of their corporate masters, so it came as no surprise that Einstein wasn’t heeded, and here we are.

    If we had even listened to Eisenhower we could have spent way more money creating and maintaining PEACE in the world than building up stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.
    The world would undoubtedly be in a much better place now if we had LEAD the way after WWII by helping out rather than trying to dominate (largely due to business and resource interests).

    Korea still isn’t resolved, Viet Nam was a mistake, and all the other large military actions we’ve taken since have been wastes of men and materials and have given us a “bully” reputation. Now we’re torturers too. Why can’t we learn from our mistakes? War is not the answer.

    1. qs says:

      World unity? Government is a Racket.

      I kind of like the competition between governments. Governments HAVE TO BE ALLOWED TO FAIL to preserve freedom just like corporations need to revolve. Government gets larger under Republicans a lot but also it really gets larger under the dims so both parties are guilty.

      People have a way out though as long as other countries exist you can just switch countries or switch currencies etc. People also make sure that one government doesn’t control all your money.

      1. Edina says:

        qs, when you say something so general as “government is a racket”, you might as well be saying “relationships are a racket” or “business is a racket. Differences in government matter. Truly democratic government is a great deal different from theocracy or monarchy. A more detailed consideration of these matters would be appreciated, qs.

        1. qs says:


          Ya Democracies are more war-like because their rulers tend to think their legitimate. People tend to think stealing people’s property is legitimate too as long as they have a 51% mob to agree to it.

          I like the ancient Irish’s model who had government by consent. If you didn’t like the government you just switched or formed your own,

          1. qs says:


  2. c-- says:

    Ask the japaneese, heh

    1. Rowan says:

      Anybody who can laugh off the slaughter of tens of thousands of civilians in one blow with a “heh” needs some serious psychological therapy. Besides that c–, it’s a dumb example. The Japanese were already defeated before the nuclear bombs were dropped. They were just looking for a safe and face-saving exit from the war. So what good did the nukes do then? They rubbed the faces of the Japanese in their shit. You think that’s worth it?

  3. qs says:

    I support disarming the U.S. military of them, but I do support allowing private individuals, States and militias to own them in order to keep IRS agents off their lawns.

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