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Map of Higher Than Expected Sea Level Rise

Some people still say that global warming won’t cause much trouble for people. These are the same people who used to say that global warming didn’t exist at all, and then said that global warming wasn’t at all due to human activity. The claim of happy days with a hotter Earth are just the last refuge of those who have an economic interest in inaction.

tilbury england underwaterI’d like to hear these people tell the residents of Tilbury, England how great the future of global warming is going to be. You see, according to updated estimates of sea level rise, the people of Tilbury can expect to see their town vanish beneath the waves by the end of this century.

Scientists currently meeting in Copenhagen are discussing how predictions made about likely sea level increase now appear to have been too conservative. They’re now predicting a rise in sea levels of about a meter over the next 90 years.

Take a look at an interactive map of sea level rise to get a view of which coastal communities would be affected by a rise of this magnitude. In many places, the impact won’t be that much. In other places, with a gentle rise of the land above the ocean, the change will be devastating.

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