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Gillibrand Serves Herself in the Senate

Kirsten Gillibrand was appointed to the U.S. Senate in what already was clearly the most serious economic crisis of her lifetime. To represent New York State, the epicenter of the crisis, was a special responsibility. The new senator from New York would clearly be expected to do something to ameliorate the crisis.

kirsten gillibrandSo, what has Senator Gillibrand done with her new authority to help Americans suffering in the crisis? Not much. She hasn’t introduced any legislation that deals with the recession at all. Gillibrand has just followed along with what other senators have done.

Gillibrand’s inaction isn’t really a surprise. She’s not very well qualified to serve in the Senate, having only served one term in the House of Representatives before her Senate appointment.

While Gillibrand isn’t very good at fulfilling the duties of her job in the Senate, she’s very good at playing the political game. She learned that from her lobbyist father, whose connections helped her get into Congress in the first place.

So, although Kirsten Gillibrand is not helping any New Yorkers deal with the economic recession, she is helping herself plenty. Gillibrand hasn’t bothered to craft any recession legislation, but she has crafted a swell fundraiser at which people will have the privilege of giving her money. It’s expected that Gillibrand will get a quarter of a million dollars – money that could support five families easily, but will instead go to help Senator Gillibrand promote her own political career.

If Gillibrand had any decency, she would postpone all fundraisers for herself until after she’s actually led the way in the Senate to raise money for American families that are truly in need.

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