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Loggerhead Turtle Asks Obama for Help

In support of the Green Man, who wrote eloquently earlier today about Barack Obama’s disappointing failure to obey the Endangered Species Act, I went to my local sea turtle conservation center to interview Louie the loggerhead turtle. He was a bit embarrassed to be filmed in a compromising position, but he decided it was for the good of his species.

After all, President Obama promised to let science work without political interference – so why can’t Obama obey the law, and give a decision on the status of the loggerhead and leatherback turtles within the required time?

Mr. Obama, please listen to Louie.

3 thoughts on “Loggerhead Turtle Asks Obama for Help”

  1. ynez fernandez-reyes says:

    Every living being is worthy of our protection. Sea Turtles are an important part of this planet and are peaceful loving creatures. Please allow them the civil rights humans have and deserve, i.e.: the right to life, liberty and a clean environment. Thank you and Aloha.

  2. Saran Kirschbaum says:

    The balance of nature includes sea turtles, not to protect them will cause another unknown consequence. In this the 21st century, the precautionary principle must be applied when dealing with the life and death of a species.

  3. Veronica Ruzzo says:

    Please add these magnificient creatures to the Endagered Species List. I want my grandchildren & great grandchildren to know these beautiful creatures and not just pictures but to be able to really see them!

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