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Lies About the Cost of Shipping From the Port of Brisbane

Jim wrote an encouraging article this morning about a highly ethical small company, Skreened, that prints domestically on shirts that are made right here in the USA. That’s an important choice economically, because it supports workers here in America, but it’s an important choice environmentally as well, because it eliminates overseas shipping.

Overseas shipping takes a lot of energy, but it creates other hazards to the environment as well, such as oil spills. I mentioned in passing one such oil spill a few days ago. A cargo ship, the Pacific Adventurer, developed a gash in its side while docked in the Port of Brisbane, from which fuel oil leaked out into the water. The article I linked to described a substantial spill, but also said that there was hope that the spill would be naturally dispersed through the action of choppy waves.

Now, it turns out that the company that operated the Pacific Adventurer, Swire Shipping, was not honest about the size of the spill. Much more oil was spilled than initially acknowledged. The ship also apparently spilled hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate during a recent tropical storm.

Cargo ships place hazardous cargo, and hazardous fuels, out on the oceans’ surface. Usually, they reach their destinations safely, but often they do not. Buying products made in your own country reduces this problem.

In the long run, it helps the economies of far away lands as well. The cost for cleaning up the spill in Australia is over one hundred thousand dollars per day.

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