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Skreened Goes Biodegradable With Its T-Shirt Shipping

Skreened Ships Using Bags That are Biodegradable.  Sweet!I’m impressed by the extent to which Skreened makes an effort to minimize the environmental impact of its shirt-printing business. It uses less-impactful water-based inks. It prints on shirts made in the USA, which therefore aren’t shipped across an entire ocean. Its production center and storefront in Columbus, Ohio are integrated, making for a more efficient use of space and reducing energy consumption. Skreened prints on organic cotton in a number of fun and fruity colors. It sends microloans to small-scale farmers overseas. And now the Skreened folks announce over at their blog that they have begun using biodegradable shipping bags. Just stick ’em in the compost when you get your organic shirt and return the goodness to the soil.

No, Skreened isn’t as big as some of the other print-on-demand apparel outfits you can find on the internet. But in meeting the challenge of running a business consonant with ethical priorities, Skreened sure looks like a success to me.

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