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War Powers And Civil Liberties Commission Blocked By Democrats

On January 6th, U.S. Representative John Conyers introduced H.R. 104, a bill to establish a National Commission on Presidential War Powers and Civil Liberties, which would have the power to investigate the totalitarian powers claimed by President George W. Bush. Those powers include torture, arbitrary imprisonment, massive spying programs against huge numbers of Americans not even suspected of any crime, the revocation of habeas corpus, and the establishment of secret prisons beyond the reach of the law.

Since the day that Congressman Conyers introduced that legislation to the House of Representatives, however, nothing has been done to move it forward to passage. The bill is stuck in the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Judiciary Committee. I’m not seeing anything on the schedules of any of these committees to suggest that the Conyers bill will be addressed any time soon.

The chairs of these committees are, Silvestre Reyes, Howard Berman and… oh, this is interesting… John Conyers. Has John Conyers given up on his own bill?

There hasn’t been a single newspaper article even asking questions about the proposed commission since February. It looks like it may be years – perhaps a generation – before we get to the truth of what was really going on under President George W. Bush.

One thought on “War Powers And Civil Liberties Commission Blocked By Democrats”

  1. Alfred says:

    If we wait too long to deal with it, we’re all just going to lost interest in Bush’s shady practices. There won’t be much impact if we learn about everything 20 years from now.

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