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Protest Corporate Abuse of Bailout Money Tomorrow

Grumbling among your friends about the way that AIG and other big Wall Street companies used federal bailout money to pay for extravagant parties and executive bonuses is fine, but it’s a small form of activism with a limited scope. You can expand the scale of your activism, and transform your resentment into a public statement, by participating in a Take Back The Economy protest tomorrow.

In New York City, the will be a protest at the Goldman Sachs Headquarters, 85 Broad Street, at 4:00 PM. In Columbus, Ohio, at high noon there will be a protest at the Morgan Chase offices at 100 Broad Street. In Newark, New Jersey, there will be a protest at the Wachovia Bank at 550 Broad Street. In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, there will be a protest at the Bank of America at 1223 W. Broad Street.

Hm. There’s something funny going on with Broad Street. Anyway, there are protests in scores of cities around the country scheduled for tomorrow. Check out the Take Back The Economy web site for information about what’s happening near you.

2 thoughts on “Protest Corporate Abuse of Bailout Money Tomorrow”

  1. qs says:

    I initially thought that those CEO’s had a contract before the bailout, which should be protected by the Constitution from the government breaking a private contract. However, I don’t even think they had contracts for these bonuses to begin with at this point. I think it was something the Fed, Dodd, and the treasury all kind of worked out with their board on the spree of the moment so they shouldn’t get anything at all. I could be wrong…

    However, this 165 million in bonuses is a distraction from the stimulus plan that Obama passed along with the rest of the Fed’s bailouts that are probably well over 10 trillion dollars at this point.

  2. Tom says:

    Well, if the former (war criminal/idiot/sociopath) president, disguised as a “fiscal conservative”, can rack up the largest debt ever (remember he inherited Clinton’s surplus) by funneling money to all his wealthy donor/cronies/corporate sponsors for eight years, while keeping spending on citizens or projects to benefit anyone else close to zero, it could be argued that it’s about time someone spent some money on the rest of us who provided the bodies for the faux war, the tax money for them to steal and who kept the government from collapsing.

    This economic dilemma was directly caused by the failure of the former administration to enforce the rules and is itself a distraction from the real problem, which will effect the entire planet, climate change. This is the problem that will end up wiping out humanity on a grand scale in the next century because it’s being ignored.

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