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Why Does Obama Need To Be Forced To Protect Whales?

Barack Obama is from Hawaii, and he claims to support environmental issues. So, why is it that President Obama has to be sued to force him to provide whales in Hawaiian waters with the protection that they are entitled to under the law?

obama false killer whale ahabThe National Marine Fisheries Service has acknowledged that the false killer whales around Hawaii are being killed by longline fishing at a rate that exceeds their ability to reproduce. Yet, the NMFS has failed to develop any plan to reduce the killing. That’s a violation of the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

This week, Earthjustice announced that it is filing suit against the Obama Administration to force the National Marine Fisheries Service to comply with the law and design a plan to give the false killer whales of Hawaii the protection they need to survive. It’s the kind of suit we saw plenty of under George W. Bush. Why are we seeing it under Barack Obama, who promised us change?

“We call on the Obama administration to end this slaughter quickly, before it’s too late,” says Todd Steiner of the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, another organization involved in the lawsuit. President Obama has failed to follow the law on sea turtle protection as well.

In this case, it’s not the false killer whale that’s being false. There’s a growing pattern of officials from the Obama Administration going to court to defend the abuses of the Bush Administration. As Jim’s article yesterday about Barack Obama’s attempt to keep the power to track Americans through their cell phones without a search warrant demonstrates, the problem goes far beyond lax endangered species protections.

The arrogant contempt for the law that threatens false killer whales also threatens our freedoms.

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