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CafePress Dramatically Expands Line of Organic Sweatshop-Free Tees

CafePress has done something right, five times over.

Starting this week, the print-on-demand service has expanded its line one just one organic cotton sweatshop-free t-shirt from American Apparel, a unisex adult fitted t-shirt, by adding five more garments, each made sweatshop-free in the USA by American Apparel, each made with organic cotton. The new options in apparel are a women’s fitted t-shirt, a kids’ t-shirt, a toddler t-shirt, a baby t-shirt and a baby onesie.

Sarah Palin Sees Russia Organic Cotton Women's T-Shirt Made in the USA Men's Fitted Organic Cotton American Apparel T-Shirt: Gandhi Quote on Persistence
Earth's Axis is the Reason for the Season Kids' Organic Cotton T-Shirt Spare the Child, Spoil the Rod Toddler T-Shirt Made in the USA with Organic Cotton
Happy Darwin Day Baby T-Shirt Made in the USA Sweatshop-Free with Organic Cotton You Don't Understand Me Baby Onesie Made in the USA Without Sweatshop Labor

If you sell through CafePress, you can start offering your designs on these shirts, not next month, not next week, not tomorrow, but now. Get to it!

Congratulations, CafePress. And thank you.

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