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Tackling New Age

Pastor Tackles Truth, New Age Spirituality, Mormonism – that’s the headline of the most popular article over at the Christian Post, a right wing Christian publication. I’m taken with the image of a preacher tackling things, running across the stage of a church and trying to throttle ideas that differ from his own beliefs. In the picture I have in my head, the preacher is wearing a dark brown suit with a yellow shirt and a red tie.

I don’t think that there would be any trouble tackling New Age Spirituality. It might just respond that the preacher is acting rather like the Horned God in rutting season. I wouldn’t try tackling the Mormons, though. They have a history of returning violence with violence.

I have a feeling that when that preacher tried to tackle the truth, he passed right through it.

1 comment to Tackling New Age

  • I can think of no bigger clue – kind of like billboard – that religion is off track than when it has that angry, threatened, reactive quality. Some folks don’t know their God from their ego, I guess because the spelling is so similar…

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