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New Econscious Documents Available for Your Online Review

An update on my effort to obtain the proof of Econscious non-sweatshop labor that Econscious President Dale Denkensohn and another GMPC, LLC executive have said they can provide for the factories in India and Pakistan they use to produce their t-shirts:

I have not yet received GOTS reports from Econscious President Dale Denkensohn, but I have received three e-mails containing the following attached documents which I am happy to share with you:

FLO Certification for factory in India, valid through March 30, 2009
SA 8000 Standards for 2008
Text of STR Audit Report for Pakistan factory, 2007-2008
STR Audit Spreadsheet: Pay for the 20 workers in Pakistan factory in Pakistan Rupees

There are limitations to these reports, which I describe here, on the web page where I’m doing my best to describe the process as transparently as possible and keep more verbose updates coming along.

The monthly income figures for employees of the factory in Lahore, Pakistan used by Econscious are illuminating. I’m currently running through those numbers and accumulating various sorts of information on the cost of living in Lahore, Pakistan in order to place employee compensation there in context. My goal is to be able to share some of this information with you by the end of the day.

If you are aware of some relevant information on this topic, please share that information, or links to it, in the comments section. Let’s shed some light!

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