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Magliocchetti Lobbying Investigation Namedrop Transparency Post

Yesterday’s New York Times reports on the cresting FBI investigation into coordinated campaign contributions and lobbyist favors to lawmakers on the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense. The Chicago Tribune and Associated Press deliver less recent background on the investigation, and Politico gives some legislative twists on implications for intra-Congressional dynamics. Were military contractors and militaristic members of Congress in on a corrupt pay-to-play scheme?

The New York Times article, which is being centrally cited by other posts, offers up one spiffy graph relating contributions by associates of lobbyist Paul Magliocchetti and earmarks dedicated to associates of lobbyist Paul Magliocchetti, but only for three members of that subcommittee. It also identifies a number of eyebrow-raising political sequential couplings, such as Julie Giardina with Rep. John Murtha and Julie Giardina with Paul Magliocchetti (through the PMA Group)… but these are done in an anecdotal, storytelling fashion rather than in a systematic, analytical way.

As a resource for those who are interested in picking away at the flaky exterior of the Magliocchetti/Defense Appropriations story to see what connections do and do not lie underneath, I’ve decided to assemble a list of names of people, groups, and sources of information from which muck can be raked. The listsshould not be read as a list of the guilty, or even the implicated. Rather, they are lists of associated individuals and groups who may or may not have anything to do with corrupt schemes of favors, gifts and contributions for military kickbacks. If you look through these lists, check out connections between them, what will turn up? Take a look and find out.

Members, House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense
Sanford Bishop (D)
Allen Boyd (D)
Norman Dicks (D)
Rodney P. Frelinghuysen (R)
Kay Granger (R)
Maurice Hinchey (D)
Marcy Kaptur (D)
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D)
Jack Kingston (R)
Jerry Lewis, Ex Officio (R)
James Moran (D)
John P. Murtha, Chair (D)
David Obey, Ex Officio (D)
Harold Rogers (R)
Steven R. Rothman (D)
Todd Tiahrt (R)
Peter J. Visclosky (D)
C.W. Bill Young, Ranking Member (R)

Major Non-Congressional Players Identified by the New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Associated Press
Patrick Dorton, PMA Group Spokesman
Julie Giardina, staffer for Rep. John Murtha, PMA Group employee
Marvin Hoffman, PMA Group employee
Richard Kaelin, staffer for Rep. Pete Visclosky, PMA Group employee
Melissa Koloszar, staffer for Rep. James Moran, PMA Group employee
Paul Magliocchetti, head of PMA Group
John Pugliese, neighbor to Paul Magliocchetti, PMA Group employee
Ermanno Tonizzo, Owner, The Alpine restaurant
Jon Walker, neighbor to Paul Magliocchetti, PMA Group employee

Financial Leadership of PMA Group, according to Federal Election Commission statements of organization
Kaylene H. Green, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Associate, Vice Chairman and Assistant Treasurer 1993-2008
Joseph S. Littleton, III, Treasurer 2001-2008
Mark J. Magliocchetti, Vice President Assistant Treasurer 2008
Paul Magliocchetti, Treasurer 1993
Matthew L. Miller, Treasurer 2008-2009

Family Relations of Paul Magliocchetti according to Muckety and Citizens for Ethics
Edwin Kreger, Ex-Father-in-Law
LeWanna Kreger, Ex-Mother-in-Law
Mark J. Magliocchetti, Son
Jennifer Magliocchetti, Daughter
Leslie Magliocchetti, Daughter-in-Law
Nancy Magliocchetti, Ex-Wife
Rebecca DeRosa, Current Wife
Joseph Welch, Ex-Brother-in-Law
Sandy Welch, Ex-Sister-in-Law

Groups Hiring the PMA Group, 1998-2008:
Already assembled by Open Secrets

Lobbyists Working for PMA Group, 1998-2008:
Already assembled by Open Secrets

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