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God Punishes Sodomites of Iowa With Warm Air and Sunshine

God Cannot Be Mocked,” we were reminded yesterday after posting an April Fools Day conversion. Mock God and there will be consequences! What kind of consequences? Well, prominent John McCain endorser John Hagee proclaims weather to be an instrument of God’s judgment against gay people, except when the hurricanes miss the gay people and kill straights. Then it’s a tragedy and a mystery of faith. Hagee’s not the only one to think this way: prominent preachers Pat Robertson and Stephen Bennett make the same claims about weather and God’s righteous punishment.

You might think it odd that in the days after same-sex marriages were legalized and performed in Norway and Greece and Uruguay and Massachusetts and California, those states and nations enjoyed nice, calm, sunny, even balmy weather. Yes, you might think that odd if you lacked mental flexibility. But really, what this shows us is that warm air and sunshine are the instruments of God’s wrath!

The recent cases of weather following same-sex marriage legalization only verify God’s plan of punishment. Yesterday, when the Vermont state legislature passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, it was sunny and 63 degrees. How very toasty… like a sneak preview of hellfire and tarnation. And today in Iowa, as the Iowa Supreme Court declares that same-sex marriages can start in three weeks, it’s sunny and 53 degrees.

This is how God punishes the Sodomites: with the kind of weather that opens up an opportunity for frisbee. Hey, we all know what frisbee leads to.

5 thoughts on “God Punishes Sodomites of Iowa With Warm Air and Sunshine”

  1. Jacob says:

    Matthew 5:25 is an example of why people who do not read the Bible all the way should not open there mouths and speack for God. “He makes His sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust”. God never stated he would use weather to destroy every evil dead. If that were true there would be storms all day every day because “all have fallen short of the glory of God”. God has used weather and quakes and fire and all sorts of things for judgment but he does not promise to strike down gays with weather. He doesnt even promise a punishment for sin in this life. But all sin will be punished. The question is who bears that punishment? O, and being gay doesnt send you to hell, rejecting Christ does… I dont agree with homosexuality but I do know that there are people who are gay and have accepted Christ. The fact that they continue to sin is no suprise, we all sin

    1. Bud says:

      Quote from Jacob: “The fact that they continue to sin is no surprise, we all sin” [spelling corrected]. You look like talking about reading all the way through the Bible. I have read through the Bible many times, and I can say that I completely disagree with you. I suggest that you read (Romans 6:1,2, 14-23). What a cop-out, “we all sin”. Of course the Bible cannot be discerned except you are born again by the grace of God. The Bible is spiritually discerned, and not discerned by the natural man. You should know this!

      1. Jacob says:

        Bud, are you saying that after salvation you are sinless???

  2. qs says:

    I think religion, patriotism and nationalism are all authoritarian frameworks to trap people in their own minds to some extend anyway.

  3. qs says:

    Well not all religions….

    But they can be depends how you look at it.

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