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Hillary Clinton Supporters Persevere … With What Consternation in Mind?

The PUMA (“Party Unity My Ass”) activists who resisted the nomination, and then the election, of Barack Obama for President are an interesting bunch. On the one hand, they’ve said they are upset because Barack Obama is horribly bigoted toward Hillary Clinton. On the other hand, in their ongoing communications they continue to say things like this:

he pronounces Pahk-ee-stahn perfectly doesn’t he? In fact, I’ve read that Maobama’s Arabic has been called perfect in general.

Why wouldn’t his Arabic be perfect? But you’d have thought he’d want to hide that a little better, at least for a while.

Well the sheik is a MAN first and foremost.

That makes all the difference to O and his Obhos (members of the He-Man-Woman-Haters Club).

Remember their slogan. Bros make better Hos!

What we are seeing is not surprising. As much as Obama would have us think he is an African-American Christian, he is, truly, an African-Arab Muslim sympathizer.

and I honestly think he’s Palestinian, or at least a Pakistani in reality.

There are special medicines you can take to make your skin color black. They’ve been around for 60 or more years at a minimum.

Kenyan, having held other foreign citizenship. Not American. Foreign aid for school. Anybody see his BC yet?

I think everyone was right when we ALL said she could never really support Obrotha. My gut says she still hates him.

The biggest question there being HOW did he get elected? Anyone know why? Couldn’t have been something to do with his organic suntan and deceptive media, could it?

Back on crack, you suppose?

For some one who says he is not a Muslim he sure does go out of his way to kiss all their Muslim asses.

His face is going to crack with the shit eating grin he has. He’s a ghetto bro prancing around the big wigs..oh how he weakens America.

Persistent Clinton supporters are so misunderstood. While that crypto-Muslim BroHo crackhead foreigner organic Palestinian suntan ghetto bro Arab Sheik Brotha goes parading around the White House with his gold chains and his prayer shawl, the deceptive Mainstream Media keeps saying that the PUMA troupe is filled with racist islamophobes! Oh, the indignity. Oh, the humanity.

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