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ManTech and Steny Hoyer Dance the Military Contract Tango

Last week, the New York Times went all atwitter about a burgeoning corruption scandal in which Paul Magliocchetti used his family and employees at the lobbying firm PMA Group to funnel money to members of Congress on defense appropriations committees. Allegedly, Magliocchetti received choice military contracts for his lobbying clients in return. The Times focused like a laser on the possible culpability of Rep. John Murtha. The money given to Murtha by the Magliocchetti family over the years sums up to $72,800.

John Murtha is a subcommittee chairman. Steny Hoyer is the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. FEC records show that Steny Hoyer and AMERIPAC (his personal political action committee) have received $115,300 from the PAC and employees of ManTech. Employee contributions from ManTech come predominantly from Ken Farquhar (ManTech President and Lobbyist), George Pederson (ManTech Chairman) and Jerry Unruh (another ManTech President). Here’s a glimpse of contributions from ManTech to Rep. Hoyer over the past twelve years:

Campaign Contributions to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and his AmeriPac by ManTech and ManTech Employees, 1997-2009

ManTech is a private corporation that makes its money as a military contractor. In 2006, Steny Hoyer arranged for $2.8 million in military contracts to be funneled to ManTech, and in the 2008 budget, Hoyer used his clout to request $2.5 million and receive $2.0 million in another military contract for ManTech.

Millions to ManTech, over a hundred thousand to Hoyer. Where’s the ethics investigation?

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