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Please Don’t Trash Your TV

I am sympathetic to the agenda of the Trash Your TV organization. I feel about ready to eliminate all TV from my house. After a few months’ experiment with reintroducing cable television into my house, I find I almost never watch it at all, but my kids try to watch it all the time. They particularly are fond of Noggin, which has evolved into a channel filled with fluff that delights children without giving them very much educational content.

But, still, I don’t want to trash my TV. Why would I just throw away an expensive, elaborate piece of electronic equipment?

The Trash Your TV group runs into a shoal of sloppy communication with its theme of throwing away television sets. On the front page of their web site, they feature a graphic showing a kind of Boston TV Party, with people on a boat throwing television sets into the water. What rebellious hilarity!

boston tv party

They might want to stop that party, actually. Later on down the page, there’s a warning that television sets are filled with toxic wastes, including heavy metals. We don’t want that in Boston Harbor, do we?

How about this: Donate your TV. If you don’t feel strong enough to put that television into storage, why donate it, maybe to your local school district, where it can be used to show truly educational videos, or as a part of student audio/visual projects?

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