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Equality In Vermont May Crumble Today

Last week I wrote with satisfaction about how the states of Iowa and Vermont were freed from marriage inequality on the same day. The Iowa Supreme Court decided that it was it was an unconstitutional violation of equality under the law to deny same-sex couples the right to marry. The Vermont state legislature finished passing legislation legalizing same-sex marriage at about the same time.

Sadly, Vermont’s Republican governor, Jim Douglas, doesn’t support the idea of equality under the law. Never mind the Constitution of the United States – he’s vetoed Vermont’s marriage equality legislation.

Today, the Vermont legislature will be tested again. The Vermont House and the Vermont Senate will hold votes attempting to override the veto of Governor Douglas, not just with majorities, but with supermajorities.

It’s not at all clear that these supermajorities will form, and that’s because of the rather flaky disposition of Vermont’s swing legislators. Politicians like Sonny Audette, who said that he wanted to vote for the equality bill, but was forbidden to do so by his church, will be the deciding votes today.

Watch Vermont today, and hope that the flakes can muster the integrity to rise to the occasion.

6 thoughts on “Equality In Vermont May Crumble Today”

  1. Jacob says:


    Would you respect people more if they said this is what I believe to be true but I am going to vote in opposition to my faith? I would call that person a coward. Doing what is easy rather then what they believe is right. If you are going to believe it you better be willing to live it, regardless of which way you go

    1. Rowan says:

      A coward? A legislature is not a stage upon which individuals may pose to display their moral prowess.

      It is an arena of duty in which legislators are to serve their constituents, and the law. The duty of legislators is to the law first, because the law is the democratically-established will of the people of our nation. The highest law of the land is the Constitution.

      To ignore that Constitution in favor of one’s personal religious beliefs is the ultimate in arrogance. I do not call that what is right.

  2. Jacob says:

    Then dont vote for a person who you know has those beliefs. Thats just stupid. I am going to vote for a person who is morally obligated to vote a certain way and then whine when that person does exactly what I expect them to do

    1. Rowan says:

      Well, it looks like two thirds of Vermonters didn’t vote for stupid. They voted for representatives and senators who had the integrity to support equality for all. Veto overturned!

      All people have the right to expect that their elected representatives will uphold the law in all circumstances. That public trust is not stupid, Jacob.

  3. Jacob says:

    I disagree. If a man says I believe follow the group that says all dogs should die and I am an active supporter of this group and I go to kill dogs every week why would people vote for this guy and expect him to start not killing dogs?

  4. chris says:

    Ok, this is from the city dumby. The bottom line is I’m not gay (not willing to learn either) but why in the hell is it the business of the government to say who can marry who? My good god if a dude is in love with another dude let them do their thing. The same thing goes for chicks if they are diggin each other lets get it on. You people really need to look at the city dumby thoughts. If two dudes, or two chicks get married they will have the right to get things like spouse insurance, retiiiiiiiiirment benefits etc. (which I believe if you are married you have those rights.)
    it has nothing to do with morals because the government has no morals. Its all about the benefits. Thank you very much!

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