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Amidst Talk of Military Cuts, the War Budget Actually Gets Larger

Read David Swanson of After Downing Street, who does an admirably thorough job detailing the media reaction to Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ announcement of “cuts” to the military budget. Newspapers and cable news outlets have focused on Gates’ plan to cut funding for the F-22 fighter and the dovish-sounding statement by Gates that “Every defense dollar spent to to overinsure against a remote or diminishing risk … is a dollar not available to take care of our people.” Swanson documents the way that partisan Democratic outlets like the Rachel Maddow Show, Air America and True Majority have heaped praise on the Obama administration for “cutting” the military budget.

Only on occasion, and usually at the end of a news piece, has it been noted that the Obama administration’s proposed military budget is actually higher than before. Some specific programs are being cut, yes, but overall the Obama administration is increasing military spending, not cutting it down to size.

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