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White House Garden Gets More Green

Our regular readers know that we’re not the kind of people to throw softballs to the President of the United States, whether that President is George W. Bush or Barack Obama. We figure that the most powerful political leader on Earth needs critical examination, especially from a liberal perspective. So, we don’t go around looking for reasons to praise the Obama White House. We look for reasons for concern. So, when we find something good done by the Obama White House, and we judge it to be worthy of mention, it’s significant.

michelle obama gardeningHere’s some such praise: Today, Michelle Obama joined a group of kids from a local elementary school to put herbs and greens in the ground that was broken for the White House vegetable garden on March 20. From what I can see of the official photograph of the event, the group planted collards, mace, dill, sage, rhubarb, kale, carrots, cilantro, some kind of onion, oregano and sorel.

Michelle Obama didn’t just show up and smile while the children did all the work. She got down on her hands and knees, and put a trowel in the dirt to dig in. That’s the kind of example that can encourage people to get out and do something to make things better.

It’s the kind of example I’d like to see her husband follow. Oh, I know that President Obama is busy with important matters, but surely he could afford 10 minutes to walk across the White House lawn and tend his own garden. In fact, I think it would do him some good to literally get back in touch with the grassroots again.

If every American family could take garden of a 20 foot square plot of ground that is now taken up a lawn, our country would go a long way toward solving both its economic and its environmental problems. It’s a matter that merits presidential attention.

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