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Libertarian Vegetables

Typically, libertarians drive me crazy with their tendencies toward government paranoia. Today, however, I found a libertarian site that I find some real appreciation for.

It’s called Patriot Food. The Patriot Food web site is topped by a bald eagle with the pattern of the US flag painted on its feathers, but Patriot Food doesn’t sell American flags. It sells seeds – heirloom vegetable seeds.

bald eagle saladThere’s a little of the flavor of distrust of government on the site: “Whether by design or accident, it appears that the world is headed towards a worldwide economic and agricultural collapse. If you believe government is prepared and capable of caring for you, then by all means we are not for you. BUT IF YOU DON’T trust systems and institutions to feed and care for you when things go wrong, then for your well-being, we hope you consider our heirloom seed solution.” However, the basic idea of Patriot Food is sound. True economic prosperity would result if Americans took just one of the five hours per day the typical family watches television, and devoted that hour to the planting and organic tending of heirloom vegetable seeds.

Heirloom vegetable varieties reproduce with viable seeds that can be stored and planted the next year for yet more vegetables. So, you spend a bit of money for your food the first year, but with a little work, you can get year after year of healthy food after that. The vegetables aren’t transported using fossil fuels, they aren’t sold in stores that consume electricity from coal burning power plants. They aren’t sprayed with synthetic pesticides. So, an heirloom garden can be part of a program to conserve energy and create a more sustainable economy. You can even share seeds with neighbors, as a way to share the wealth.

Oh, and if you believe government agents are out to get you by having you eat supermarket vegetables, well, I suppose that heirloom vegetable seeds may appeal to you as well. If the Patriots Food “N.W.O Owns Organic” fervor turns you off, then here are some other sources of heirloom seeds that come without the fear of black helicopters:
Seed Savers
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Victory Seeds
For those of you who are into beards, buggies and bonnets, Amishland Seeds
Grannys Heirloom Seeds

One thought on “Libertarian Vegetables”

  1. Stuart says:

    As soon as you are dependent on someone else to provide you with shelter, food or energy you leave yourself open to be controlled. And look at the mess the govt is making at the moment – we’re definitely best off not having to rely so much on them.

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