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Sometimes, advocates for action to address the crisis of climate change seem only to be able to tell us what not to do, to avoid further damage to our planet’s biosphere. That turns a lot of people off, but this morning, I want to give thanks to some groups who really turn me on… um, in an eco kind of way.

These are a few of the groups working in different parts of the country to get real high speed rail in their area. Genuine high speed rail isn’t yet operational anywhere in the USA, but if it were, we’d be cutting back on a lot of waste and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as hurtling at breakneck speeds down the track… wahoooo!


California High Speed Rail Blog
High Speed Rail for California
California High Speed Rail Authority
California High Speed Rail on Facebook

Other regions:

Midwest High Speed Rail Association
Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor
Virginians for High Speed Rail

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