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The Appropriate Intersection Marijuana March in Columbus, Ohio

On Saturday, May 2 of this year, Cures, Not Wars announces there will be a rally at 4:20 pm followed by a 4:45 pm march down to the Gallery Hop in Columbus, a demonstration to support the legalization of hemp and marijuana.

It all begins at the intersection of 17th Avenue and ____ Street. Any guesses?

28 thoughts on “The Appropriate Intersection Marijuana March in Columbus, Ohio”

  1. Mark says:

    I cheated, but that would be High Street, right next to Ohio State University.

  2. Jacob says:

    I think this would be a bad thing to do. I grew up in the Netherlands where it is legal. It is extremely hard to get anything else there so it leads to nothing more. In America that is simply not true and when I made it back to the states I spirelled into extreme drug addiction and spent years gwetting back out. Despite what you hear Marijuana is a gateway drug and it can lead to destruction. As a former addict I think this will lead to problems, but thats just my take

  3. Eric says:

    jacob…your a pussy! Ill be there

  4. Jacob says:

    Im confused… How is that an argument? Go for it. After losing half of my life to drug addiction and rehab centers I think your making the wrong choice but really puff away… If everyone is trashed I guess that gives me two advantages. More money because less people able to do the job I do and more mission chances. The broken are easier to reach for Christ…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have had a problem with drugs too, Marijuana may be a gateway for some, but it has a healing process for others. How can you be so closed minded. I know some with crohns disease, and the only way for him to even have an appetite is to smoke. It is a pain reliever for those who use it as prescribed. Don’t leave out those in pain because of your mistakes Jacob

  6. Jacob says:

    I hear giving babies whiskey in there bottle was commonly used to get children to sleep in the past. Why are we allowing single working mothers tio be in pain because of this age limit for drinking? Isnt that drinking law just as closed minded? In fact arnt all laws close minded? People are in pain everyday because lives are ruined because they cant go 100 miles an hour to things they are late for like work and interviews. Maybe we should lift that law as well. Its also true that our open mindeness has allowed abortions because of the pain it would cause someone to have a child that was extremely handicap and such. What about people who cant afford the tests to find out, when that baby comes they are just screwed. maybe we should lift that murder law for a window of say 2 weeks after birth, that would sure help those mothers and make us more open minded. We can do a lot of things in the name of open mindedness, that doesnt make them right. If I was the only person in this world to have had an addiction to drugs I would say that you are right, sadly that is not so… Drug addiction is a huge problem in this world.

  7. Matt says:

    Jacob you are foolish by thinking that marijuana being legal would increase marijuana use and therefore more drug use through the gateway drug nonsense.
    Just because you got hooked on hard drugs doesn’t mean the millions of other marijuana users will be as weak and brainless as you are and once were.
    Giving babies whisky WTF does that have to do with legalizing marijuana.
    It seems your brain has been deeply fried and I’m sorry for your stupidity but that doesn’t mean we need to keep throwing billions on incriminating our fellow nonviolent hard working citizens.

  8. Jacob says:

    If you look at countries that have legalized you will see that you are wrong sir… It does increase other uses. It also becomes a baby step just like it has in other countries. If you keep taking one tiny step forward you end up going a long ways. In Holland for example it has lead to legalized shrooms, herbal exstasy and a viarity of other drugs many of which are much harder. You will also find that the marjuana that is currently sold in the US is not the real deal. When you legalize something like this the real things comes, which is much much stronger then the ditch weed you AMericans call pot. Much stronger. You will also find that those countries in a effort for tolorance have started to give away free needles to heroin junkies… All small steps that lead to a larger problem

    The whiskey in the bottle argument follows the same logic. There are a lot of things that are illegal which on the serface would help people in some way. If you remove your agenda though and look for real you see that its not a good idea long term.

    One thing I do hate about this site is that I see a lot more trash talking then real debate…

  9. Matt says:

    Jacob, where are you getting this reefer madness B.S..
    Look at statistics online and you will clearly see that the U.S. in general has 1/2 the marijuana use as countries that have legalized marijuana. and this is one of many sites that prove you are providing false information.
    America does have a lot of ditchweed but there is the potent strains that are properly grown here for the right price and knowing the right people.
    Here in the U.S. we don’t have legal shrooms and ecstacy but guess what we have plenty more people including teens using these sort of drugs all the time and the X is being made by who knows with unknown sometimes fatally mixed ingredients.
    BTW we have been giving away free needles here in large cities such as Seattle for many years trying to combat the AIDS epidemic which is also higher here than the Dutch countries.
    You mentioned no speed limits?? That’s just plain foolish and is not on the same level as legalizing Marijuana nor is giving a baby whisky.
    Jacob everyone has a right to argue but your facts are fiction.

  10. Jacob says:

    It has 1/2 now because its illegal.

    How are the other things different. We are taking something that a very very few amount of people will benefit from and legalizing it ‘for them’ ignoring the fact that it is harmful to the rest of societty

  11. Jacob says:

    O, we also have people who are cutting cocaine with bleach and rat poison and all sorts of other stuff. People are getting hurt from that as well, we should legalize it. That seems to keep with your argument

    If we legalized all drugs in fact meth labs would not be needed so less people would die from that

  12. Matt says:

    My earlier comment was mistyped I meant the U.S. has twice the Marijuana use than the Dutch countries that have legalized Marijuana. Going 100MPH legally on the interstate is just as dangerous to society as legalizing the responsible use of marijuana by adults in the privacy of their own homes??
    Legalizing marijuana is just like giving babies whisky??
    WTF planet are you from.
    Jacob wake up grow some brain cells back and quit making yourself look foolish.

  13. Matt says:

    Jacob click and read the link.

  14. Jacob says:

    So there is a stipulation then that only adults can have it and only in there homes? “adults in the privacy of their own homes”

    What are the conditions of what you would like then? There must still need to be some debate here between all of you guys. You want wide spread legalization but not for public use and only for adults. Someone else listed the medical benefits which would mean by prescription.

    So disagreeing with you, because you are the expert obviously, makes me have no brain cells? Hmmm… For all members of this site, has anyone else lived in a country that has struggled with this? Am I the only one with first hand experiance dealing with what happens long term in countries that have legalized this or do all of you use websites excluivly to determine your thought on the subject. Matt, why do you really care anyways? If you only want it in your house go for it, you already said you had connections for the good stuff

    1. Todd says:

      Jacob, all of what you have stated is well put. Let the others destroy themselves if they will.

  15. Matt says:

    Do you think if marijuana was legalized they would allow minors to walk down the street and smoke pot???
    I don’t think so, the law would be like alcohol not in public and not under 21 YOA.
    The statistics are there Jacob so obviously you’re stating that you know better than proven statistics.
    I care because I have suffered from Night terrors since I was a child and the only medicine that releives the minor seizures causing the Night Terrors without making me feel like a doped up zombie is Marijuana but I can’t legally put this natural medicine in my body without risking prosecution.
    Why incarcerate otherwise law abiding, tax contributing and hard working citizens with billions of our money who are consuming marijuana not hurting anyone.
    The legalization of marijuana would definitely shut down many of the drug lords in Mexico and therefore reduce violence at the border and all around U.S and Mexico, it would also shut down many street level dealers and the violence associated with that.
    The government could tax and regulate therefore making Billions instead of spending Billions to incarcerate.

  16. Jake says:

    “releives the minor seizures causing the Night Terrors without making me feel like a doped up zombie ”

    weird, dope usually makes people doped up, you are deffiantly smoking the ditch weed…

    “The legalization of marijuana would definitely shut down many of the drug lords in Mexico and therefore reduce violence at the border and all around U.S and Mexico”

    HAAA, yea, they are going to peacfully retire and move on. NO, they are there to make money, if the item they are selling goes away they simply sell a new one. Warlords dont retire or give up my friend. Thats some funny stuff though

    Im stating by the way that I lived it and statistics tell half the story… Just like my original argument. Yes, it would help some people, but helping some people does not justify hurting others. Its just like baby stem cells… Could they be used to help people, probably, is it worth killing babys, no.

    If it truelly is for your comfort and for night terrors and that is your argument why not push for it to be by prescrption only? There would be a lot less push back for that and I would support it. Wide spread legalzation is not justified for that reason.

  17. Matt says:

    Jake the medicine I was taking is klonopin and no matter what potency marijuana was smoked I would not feel doped up the next day and that’s a fact.
    I said nothing about the drug lords retiring and you are right they will focus on dealing other drugs but it’s all about supply and demand, there will be much less to smuggle therefore they wouldn’t make as much money with the cocaine, meth etc..
    What is this helping some is not worth hurting others?
    So about 50% of our society is just some, because at some point in half of everyones lives here in the U.S. they have smoked pot. does this make half of all americans criminals?
    I would be happy with just Medical marijuana but there’s no justification in arresting our people for something even most of our presidents have done.

  18. Jake says:

    Almost every person on Earth has stolen something in there lives. Since almost everyone has done it should we dicremanalize it?

  19. Jake says:

    If you want to fight for it to be a prescription Ill stand with you, until then Im against it.

  20. Matt says:

    I see your point with the fact that everyone has stolen something and no they should not be a criminal but what they stole depends on the severity such as a pencil, piece of gum, a dollar from their mothers purse as a juvenile means nothing but it’s a reportable crime and they should be prosecuted when someone steals something from a retailer, employer, or a notable amount of money from their mothers purse but what I’m saying is legalize small amounts and regulate or even let uncle sam have a monopoly on it.
    I don’t condone to legalizing and having people legally buying off the streets.

  21. Matt says:

    Ohio hopefully will see some action this year for the medical marijuana bill lawmakers introduced last year…

  22. Brian Frost says:

    Dispicable… All i read here is cock measuring, when Freedom is at stake! Too much of anything is bad for you, drinking water too fast can kill you. Beer makes me a dog, Pills make me a zombie, and “full” sobriety in this world F.U.B.A.R. by corporate criminals with world-wide immunity makes me want to = #. When i am buzzed it is all tolerable however unsatisfactory between the cracks.

  23. Sophia says:

    hey does anyone have pictures from the march in columbus ohio?

  24. nickabob says:

    comparing marijuana to stealing is just plain ignorant when u steal someone is losing something who loses something by me smoking. NOBODY wtf… as for the dope usaully makes people doped up comment. very true u do realize half the pain pills out r derived from opiates or “dope” right. so marijuana as a subsitute painkiller makes quite a bit of sense considering it doesnt contain an opiate. it is not a gateway drug. i dont know one person that has ever said marijuana made me want to do another drug. jake just because u cant practice self control and say no to the real drugs doesnt mean millions of smarter pot smokers will make the same horrible decision. by smarter i mean well educated on the subject of knowing the difference between real drugs opposed to a plant that causes less damage than tobacco. if marijuana was legalized i believe it would become a very succesful industry that our society would benefit plenty from. i can go all day on this…

  25. nickabob says:

    and as for the ditch weed and americans not having potent marijuana wtf r u even talking about have u ever been to america. u can find greaaaaat hydroponically grown strains anywhere. i dont know if u know of the chronic capital of the world but theres a state on the west coast of the u.s. called california and medical marijuana is legal there u fucking moron… keep trying ill pretend like i cant tell u used to smoke crack

  26. graduate student- says:

    This link you guys are using for statistics has no references, how do you know what you are reading is true? Of course a magazine that is promoting marijuana use is going to say these types of things. Man I hate it when people just read things and believe it without even doing any REAL research. Oh, you probably smoke pot…..that might explain it. How about coming up with a real debate here with actual facts from CREDIBLE sources?? Brother……what a bunch of bone heads.

  27. Legal Bud Reviews says:

    Does it really matter what the “facts” are? Legalize it! Let individuals make their own desicions.

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