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What Freeloaders Do You Know?

There are more misguided tea party protests today, with demonstrators blaming the victims of the economic turmoil, as if working families that have been suffering from diminishing wages for years caused the crisis. Their agenda is summed up in the following sign seen at one of this week’s tea party events:

free market tea party protest

Free markets!! Not free loaders?!? What kind of weird reality are they getting this slogan from? There just aren’t enough people living upon income from government programs that they haven’t paid into to explain the scope of the economic troubles our nation is experiencing right now.

I challenge anyone who has taken part in one of these tea party protests to give the name of someone that they actually know who is living as a freeloader on government assistance. Don’t give me that urban legend garbage about having an uncle who has a friend who says they know someone. Give me the name of someone you actually know who’s one of these supposedly legion freeloaders causing the recession.

18 thoughts on “What Freeloaders Do You Know?”

  1. qs says:

    Where is the sign claiming freeloaders caused the recession?

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      qs, that’s not the challege. The challenge is for you name one person you know directly who is living as a freeloader upon government programs without having contributed financially to those programs.

      There is no sign I’ve seen that reads “Freeloaders caused this recession by living off of big government with its regulation of the markets”. Neither did I ever see the Barack Obama for President campaign use the slogan, “Yes we can do what the Republicans say cannot be done, so vote for Barack Obama”. Still, the slogans, “Free markets!! Not free loaders” and “Yes We Can” communicate these messages. You know that, I think.

      1. qs says:

        What’s this “we” stuff. The government is a thief, and “we” are trying to being exploited by the evil empire.

  2. Peregrin Wood says:

    So then, qs, you can’t name a single freeloader you actually know. I thought so.

    If you want to understand how “we” are connected to the government, I suggest that you start with a document that begins “We the people”. It specifically authorizes taxation.

    1. qs says:


      My name isn’t on that document. How can a document that you didn’t sign apply to you? The only reason people do what the government tells them is because they have the guns and we don’t. This is why we can’t allow the president to have a standing army (not to mention all the pointless wars of the 20th century we engaged in.)

      That’s why we need to go back to the Medieval Irish model.

      You don’t like the goverment you’re in…you just leave and join a different one. 1000’s of the governments going on at once.

      Or we just destroy the federal goverment, and have states competing so if one was bad, at least you would have many to choose yet relatively close by. I like this option since some states could have anarchist governments and some could have big governments.

      Liberals don’t like that some governments will do better than others and have lower rates so this is why they all want world government so no one can escape. In Europe, the politicians are always divising tax unification schemes that apply to the entire union that way no country can lower its rates more than the next country so as to eliminate competition.

  3. Peregrin Wood says:

    I, for one, obey the law for many other reasons than that the government has guns. I suspect that many other citizens are like me in that respect, and am saddened that you cannot conceive of the ideals that might motivate us.

    Do you concede, then, that this “freeloader” nonsense that the tea party protesters keep bringing up is irrelevant to the actual economic crisis?

    1. qs says:

      I think the fractional reserve banking system causes the business cycle. I’m saying that without the Federal Reserve and without fractional reserve banking…there wouldn’t be a business cycle. It would be flat.

      Others can think whatever they like although I do agree that we need to do away with all entitlements, the military, the IRS, the FBI, congress, DHS, and every other piece of the Federal Government so if there are any freeloaders in there I guess we solve that problem.

  4. Tom says:

    The tax system, as it stands, allows corporations to park significant amounts of money in “off-shore” accounts which are not subject to taxation. We PEOPLE on the other hand aren’t allowed to do that (as far as i know) and to make up for the missing corporate taxes, WE have a much larger tax burden to split up (per state). i’ll try to find the link to how much it is per state, but i know the top 2 are California (at $8-10 billion on the taxpayers) and Texas (at about $8 billion to be paid by taxpayers instead of the corporate giants that do business there). Where are the tea-baggers on that issue? Nowhere to be found (because you have to DIG to get the information, it’s not on the news).

    1. qs says:


      Most countries do this though because corporations are mobile and can vote with their feet.

      People on the other hand have many barriers to changing countries…family, job, language barriers, cultural barriers, etc. You can raise their tax rates, and they don’t get much of a choice.

    2. qs says:

      Although…be careful who you categorize as a “corporation.”

      Most small businesses or so (say 10 or people large) will become a corporation for tax purposes if their smart since the taxes are often too high if you don’t.

  5. qs says:


  6. Mark says:

    In some respects it’s the free market system that got us into this mess. The freeloaders here are all of the people who got mortgages even though there was no way they should have been approved for them. They often lied on their applications stating they had income far in excess of their true income. When the free market system was no longer concerned about whether these people could actually afford their mortgages (because restrictions on mortgage lending were reduced) the abuse began.

    The free market system started to fail the country when lenders were no longer taking any risk in offering loans. The free market system (after banking rules were relaxed) now could bundle, package, and sell these loans as investment products. The corporate agencies responsible for rating these investment products had no government oversight so they were free to rate them AAA even though they contained mortgages that were doomed to failure. Ordinary citizens (in the US and abroad), who counted on the accurate rating of investment products, bought these bundled mortgages thinking that they were investing in solid financial products. The entire system was the result of total free market with no oversight into the various companies’ financial accounting.

    So here’s another group of ‘freeloaders’ who have ruined the economy: the financial marketers who contrived these elaborate investment schemes and sold them to unsuspecting buyers, all the while skimming off their profits. They took hefty profits in selling mortgages to individuals, but passed the risks on to unsuspecting investors.

  7. qs says:

    Rand Paul speaks at the Kentucky Tea Party

    He is awesome…I hope he wins his senate seat so he can run for president in 2012.

    1. F.G. Fitzer says:

      Rand Paul? Is that a hybrid between Ayn Rand and Ron Paul?

  8. RRD says:


    I cannot meet your challenge (“I challenge anyone who has taken part in one of these tea party protests to give the name of someone that they actually know who is living as a freeloader on government assistance”). However, that is because I don’t know anyone at AIG, GM, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, etc, etc.

    Your assumption that “freeloaders” is aimed at “working families” is classic leftist kneejerk reaction to a movement that they either obtusely decline to understand or are incapable of comprehending.

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Incapable of comprehending? Okay, RRD, why don’t you explain to me how opposing regulations to stop companies like AIG, GM, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, etc. from wrecking the economy and abusing our trust is a way of holding freeloaders at those corporations responsible. Go on and tell me how the tea party’s protest movement for “free markets” is really against the Wall Street corruption. Can you do it, RRD, or do you obtusely decline to understand?

      I can read the signs, RRD. The tea party people are being used to Wall Street fat cats.

  9. RRD says:

    1) I find the term “government interference” more accurate and comprehensive than regulation but whichever term you use, it is at the heart of the current economic problems. Please, when did the financial markets made loans like those of the past decade or before the various social engineering attempts by the federal government? Had the government not encouraged questionable lending practices, allowed the GSEs to create an artificial market for bundles of these loans, all the while giving a nudge and a wink on Federal guarantees of these products, lenders would have stuck to their decades old standards for home loans. Yes, stupidity and greed by the lending institutions played a major role but the problem starts with even greater stupidity on the part of lawmakers and bureaucrats
    2) The people who are at the heart of the tea parties are protesting not just regulation per se – most are concerned more with excessive and/or stupid regulation. Even Obama recognized this, making a point of using the same day to call our tax regulations “monstrous.” Most elements of the Federal government have become byzantine mazes, wasting time and money while rarely doing their duties any better than adequately, often far below that standard.

    3) The trigger point for this movement has been a combination of the bailouts and proposed spending, not just regulation and taxation. It is clear that you cannot ‘read the signs’ because comprehension is a required element of the reading process. When we oppose government interference, that includes the bailouts – we would have let many of these companies fail so that better financial minds could take their place. So, tell me how supporting mass transfers of taxpayer’s money to poorly managed companies and (among other things) paying bonuses to their unrepentantly reckless executives is a way of holding freeloaders at those corporations responsible? It seems to me that that is a lot more supportive of Wall Street Fat Cats than anything we propose.

    One last point about your silly “working families” comment. Try this or any other source written by Tea Party organizers and find any proposal or principle that does not support working families.


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