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George Will: Stop Wearing Jeans, Put on a Tux and Get Off My Lawn!

Fred Astaire Dancing in a TuxRead George Will’s latest column if you have a high tolerance for extended Country Club indignation at the habits of the great unwashed. For those of us feeling a low level of tolerance, here’s just an abstract of the world according to George Will:

* People over the age of 18 who play video games should not be allowed to vote
* (People over the age of 18 who play fantasy baseball games are safe for the franchise)
* Jeans, and the people who wear them, are disrespectful, “infantile,” “slovenly” and “shabby”
* The problem with the modern world began when the French overthrew the aristocracy
* “Undifferentiated dressing” is a source of our social problems
* “Elitist” displays of class and distinction are the solution
* Men wishing to be respected ought to buy clothes to dress like Fred Astaire
Grace Kelly dressed in an evening gown* Women wishing to be respected ought to buy clothes to dress like Grace Kelly

A missing coda, surely to be supplied with Will’s next column, is this question: why do young people and union workers avoid the Republican Party?

It’s not unusual for crotchety old men to yell at the kids to get off their lawn and complain that nothing is the way it was when they were children. Crotchety old men with dementia can also confuse the way things were in the movies of their youth with the way things actually were. Think of Ronald Reagan, who told fond tales of his military service, tales that were actually scripts from his movie career. All this explains the fixation on Grace Kelly and Fred Astaire, whose wardrobes were fictional and Hollywood-financed. But going back all the way to 1789? What a stretch… unless George Will was Louis XVI in a past life. Perhaps he was Marie Antoinette.

8 thoughts on “George Will: Stop Wearing Jeans, Put on a Tux and Get Off My Lawn!”

  1. Benny Mitchell says:

    Will, you are out of touch, and out of bounds

  2. Billy Buerger says:

    I can’t help but be reminded of my old job where the company was going down fast. (Enron like scandal) They would occasionally get on us about the dress code. “If you dress well, you work well” or something like that. It seemed like to me at the time that since they couldn’t control the fall of the company, they were grabbing on to something that they could control.

  3. Jacob says:

    To the web master…

    There is a glich in the system. When I cam to the page “Billy Buerger” was still displayed with his email address in the leave a rply section.

  4. Billy Buerger says:

    It was my website, not email. And yes, I had Jacob in the Name field when I just came back here. I think I remember this being an issue before. Still not fixed or did it come back?

    1. Jim says:

      It appears to be a minor bug with the WordPress software, which tries to remember your form details based on your IP address so you won’t have to re-enter it. Yours and Jacob’s, taking a peek into logs, seem to be pretty similar, so it looks like WordPress is guessing you’re the same people. That’s unfortunate — and unfortunately, I can’t find a way to easily turn that feature off. I’ll look into it.

  5. Jacob says:

    no problem, I just wanted to point it out just in case

  6. CW says:

    You people are morons.
    Will was obviously using hyperbole.
    You completely missed the point.

    1. Jim says:

      I guess I would have figured that out, except that I was wearing denim when I read it. Lowers your IQ by 50 points like *that*.

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