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Liberty Is A Small Niche These Days

Why Barack Obama might be more a threat to America’s constitutional freedoms than George W. Bush: Under Obama, the Democratic party line is now that we shouldn’t worry our little heads about these things.

bush obama sleepingThe Republicans won’t take action on the power grab because it started under Bush. The Democrats won’t take action on the power grab because it’s expanded under Obama. Why does that leave us? United We Stand and Yes We Can are both looking the other way and pretending that nothing is happening.

Forget the so-called liberal media. They turned out to be just the Democratic media. Air America radio host Thom Hartmann, for example, isn’t saying a word about the revelations that Barack Obama is expanding, not reforming, George W. Bush’s Big Brother spy program, and targeting it at Americans. Hartmann will instead spend three hours discussing Islamic violence, Homeland Security investigations of small American Nazi groups, and credit cards.

The established political voices, left and right, seem quite happy with having a big government spying program set against Americans. Anyone who seeks to overturn the nasty totalitarian laws of the Bush-Obama era will need to cobble together a coalition of the minority of conscientious Democrats, the minority of conscientious Republicans, and the minority of independents who are actually paying attention.

2 thoughts on “Liberty Is A Small Niche These Days”

  1. Tom says:

    Ah, but Keith Olberman, on the other hand, has lambasted Obama and backs up the rhetoric with a Constitutional law professor (Turley) to demonstrate the problems this will pose. We’re in deep shit if Obama keeps eroding our rights, fails to prosecute the abuse of power by the former administration, and he makes America look that much more corrupt when Spain is moving ahead with prosecuting Bush players for torture – which clearly goes against treaties we’ve signed and are bound to uphold.

    This is really NOT a good start to the next 4 years unless he’s going to declare martial law and scrap the Constitution. i’m willing to suspend judgement of him for at least a year to give him time to develop policies (and because Bush left him with a big pile of shit to deal with, which will take time). But again today we have his declaration that CIA agents will not be prosecuted for war crimes or torture which was condoned by the Justice Department. This shows how completely daft our “legal” system has become – oh, just re-define the term and suddenly “we don’t torture”. This is really corrupted thinking and, with these new developments each week, we can probably kiss any progressive measures good-bye.

  2. Lin Taylor says:

    I had never heard of you or your website before today. I landed here searching for Obama’s stance on “clean” coal, thinking I might be pleasantly surprised from the name you chose for your corner of cyberspace. However, after reading the articles and checking out the wares here, it seems this too is another left-slanted spin machine void of media neutrality. Lots of evidence of intelligence, but also plenty to prove you’re only reading half of the book.

    I personally judge most media outlets based on their coverage of April 15th’s tea parties, as well as their characterization of the tea partiers themselves. Those that claim the attendees were all old, rich, racist, Republican white men who don’t want a tax hike are generally left-wing media. Those that believe the GOP planned and executed its first attempt at a nationwide grassroots revival are right-wing outlets. Those that acknowledge the diverse group of regular American people who feel that Washington is overstepping its Constitutional rights while steering us further away from our Founding Fathers’ dreams for this nation – that’s media neutrality, because that’s what actually happened.

    It’s exactly the “lesser of two evils” mentality described in your article that “brewed” the tea parties. Disgruntled Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between showed up at the events – a total of about 1 million peaceful demonstrators coast to coast in the biggest, most diverse protest our country has seen. It was not about taxes, per se (although some attendees were surely there for their own personal tax-related reasons), but that’s the beauty of the event: The tea parties presented everyday Americans with a chance to gather in the street announcing their disagreement with the recent expansion of government, and its super-high spending, and the continuation of useless bailouts, and a seeming lack of representation as our elected officials renege on their promises and political ideologies – and to voice any other governmental issue for which they felt like standing around in the rain. Sure, the theme was “hey Washington, can you hear us?” but the messages were as diverse as the crowd shouting them.

    More events are coming because Washington is still barreling full-steam-ahead with no regard for the outcry of the people or the tenets upon which our nation was founded. Look for some patriotic gatherings Memorial Day weekend – you know, to honor all those right-wing extremists who fought or died for our country – and watch for a huge nationwide turnout on July 4th. Again, people of all walks will be picking up signs and asking Washington to pay attention to the people who are supposed to be the ones in charge here.

    You write with passion and intelligence. I encourage you to find a tea party event and go. You’d be surprised to meet the kinds of people who share your sentiments, even if not your ideology. Of course, if you don’t care much about media neutrality, by all means, don’t go: don’t change, don’t research, don’t learn, don’t grow. But if you seek to be a part of the solution, you have to read between the lines of all “news,” both left- and right-leaning, to find and report the truth.

    Please note: I’m not white, nor am I a man, nor do I consider myself old, and I’m currently WAY too far from rich. Conservative? Yes. Republican? No. Patriotic? HELL F***ING YES.

    I bid you good day, and good luck.

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