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The Tip Of Big Brother's Nose

Let’s put two and two together. Yesterday, we learned that under Barack Obama, the National Security Agency has expanded its massive electronic spying programs, and in spite of promises made with the passage of the FISA Amendments Act, has directly targeted Americans within the United States for spying without any search warrant.

jcliffordTwo weeks ago, President Obama sent his lawyers to court to stop a lawsuit seeking to expose and stop an alleged NSA spying program that essentially resurrected the Total Information Awareness system, gathering information about Americans’ electronic communications, purchases, memberships and other private activity into a gigantic database. Obama directed his lawyers to assert that Americans cannot challenge the spy system, even if espionage against Americans breaks the law and violates their rights. The Obama Administration said, as George W. Bush said before him, that the President is above the law.

In reaction to yesterday’s revelations, the same Department of Justice that provided lawyers to Obama to claim that the President has absolute power to spy on all of us came out with a new statement. The Department of Justice said that we didn’t have to worry, because the situation was under its control, and it would institute reforms… just as was promised last summer, and then again last autumn, and at the inauguration.

Do you still believe those promises?

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