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Obama Open Govt. Just Pretty Talk At FBI

A must-read article for those still basking in the afterglow of Yes We Can: The Electronic Frontier Foundation reports that, in spite of the promises by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, that the Obama Administration would be an open government with as few secrets as possible, the FBI is following the same old secrecy standards that were put into operation under George W. Bush.

Attorney General Holder made a public policy statement that the entire Department of Justice, including the FBI, would err on the side of releasing information to the public. Yet, the FBI has told EFF that it is doing precisely the opposite, withholding huge amounts of information from its Investigative Data Warehouse, even though the FBI itself admits that the information is about “routine matters” and would not jeopardize national security if it were to be released.

Were Holder and Obama insincere when they promised open government, or have they been unable to gain control over the FBI? We’re starting the fourth month of the Obama Administration now, and the excuses that President Obama just hasn’t had long enough to get the government in hand are growing very thin.

If Barack Obama wants the government to do better, now is the time he needs to make it happen. He has no one to blame but himself for the fact that his promises are being broken. It’s his job to make things happen as he has said he will, not to explain away his incompetence when his words don’t match reality.

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