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Americans Not Freaking Out About Swine Flu

Listening to mainstream news reports, you might think that the American people are entering a panic about the new swine flu. People who called into the Diane Rehm show on NPR this morning were speculating that the virus was created by Donald Rumsfeld for the sake of profit, and asking whether they ought to wear face masks. Alarmed reporters cite a death toll for the virus that may now be over 150.

In a typical year, however, tens of thousands of people die from the flu. It’s true that the Mexican swine flu does appear to be more deadly than the H5N1 bird flu virus, the last version of the flu we were warned could become an international epidemic. Still, that’s a pretty low bar. Only a handful of people die from the H5N1 virus we were warned about in any given year.

There were the same number of children on my son’s school bus this morning as on any other school day. Mothers walked their little children in open strollers on the sunny sidewalk in front of my house. My daughter’s preschool is exercising no unusual precautions. People are out in the stores just as their ordinarily would be, and now that I’m in the airport, I’m not seeing anyone wearing a face mask.

It looks like the main story about the swine flu is that there isn’t much of a story yet. Perhaps this virus will visit plague upon us, as some Rapture Ready Americans are hoping. My guess is that we’re mostly going to be just fine.

13 thoughts on “Americans Not Freaking Out About Swine Flu”

  1. Jacob says:

    “Rapture Ready Americans are hoping”

    This would not fullfil any Biblical prophesy… It would just suck and people would die.

      1. Jacob says:

        Jim, good call pointing to the four horsemen. They do represent several things some of which is death but they dont fit here but they are at least close because they cover the end times which is what Mr. Clifford and myself have been discussing. The four hosemen do bring in the 21 judgments. I guess if you really stretched things you might be able to turn the plague of locusts into a flu virus but that would be a huge stretch and I’m not sure you would have Scripture support on that one. I would have to disagree. Now it is true that if you look at the horses in order you get the white horse bringing in a false peace (antichrist), followed by the red hourse (this would be a world war), then the black horse (famine), followed by pale horse with a rider named death. Between the horses it becomes obvious that there will be some serious deiseases there and I’m sure even simple flues could become deadly but we have by no means passed the other horeses to get there. The antichrist isnt around as far as we know. There hasnt been a massive world wide war (this little thing in the middle east is not it. in other parts of scripture you see that a third of the worlds population will be killed by it). It is the right time frame we are talking about but you are looking a bit off.

        I think you should look at two different place. You already know the story in between

        1. Dueteronomy 5


        2. Revelation 19:11

        1. Jim says:

          As J. Clifford has already pointed out, there are lots of people out there who are explicitly calling the swine flu a marker of the end times, who are claiming that the seven seals are being opened, and who are looking to the Bible (including Revelation 6:8) as a signal of the swine flu’s meaning for the end times.

          1. Jacob says:

            Doing a search I have yet to find any one arguing that. I have found people argueing that it is a bilogical warfare. If you do find someone who does argue that see what scripture they are using and then look at their hermenutics. You may find that those people read even less of the Bible then people who dont believe it.

          2. Jim Cook says:

            Revelation 13
            Swine Flu Holocaust
            Prophecy Project

            These three are just a sample of the huge number of web pages linking swine flu to Revelations 6:8, Jacob.

  2. jclifford says:

    Unfortunately, many Christians associate things sucking and people dying as a sign that Jesus is about to come back. Really, I’ve found people giving Rapture talk about this.

  3. Jacob says:

    Jesus is coming back and things will suck more before He gets her, but this isnt one of the signs. When He gets ready to come back even Irregular Times will post an article that says “God is coming and Hes pissed…” The next line will read one of two ways, either “We have a god whos better (there will be a man on Earth claiming to be god)” or “I’m sorry please forgive me”. Either way every knee will bow.

    I agree with those Christians but I just noticed that your article stated that we would all rally around this (and some may) but Biblically speaking this isnt part of it…

    1. jclifford says:

      I just love it when you tell me what I’m going to write, Jacob. Does your holy book tell you what articles we’ll write tomorrow too? How about next Tuesday? It would save a lot of trouble if I knew in advance.

  4. Jacob says:

    Could be tomorrow or next Tuesday, no way to know for sure. I only know the last article that you could write. Of course, its only a possibility that you write it as well, I just Irregular Times. You and I are not garenteed to have tomorrow or next Tuesday. We could check out at any moment. But yes, after all of that, my “holy book” does tell me the final answer…

    And I’m glad you love it. Your very welcome

  5. Jacob says:


    May I ask what your thoughts are on death? Are you of the agnostic persuasion or pure athiests. Are you spiritual and believe in God but just a different one? I’m just curious who I find myself debating. You are aware of where I stand on this issue but the only thing I know about you is that you are against the God preached by Christians.


    1. J. Clifford says:

      Jacob, if you could find a more relevant article in which to have that discussion, I’d be happy to respond.

  6. Jacob says:

    write an article on it…

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