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Irregular Dictionary: Bitter

Bitter.  Carl is bitter.  Carl expected Barack to stop the government from spying on him.  Barack did not stop it.  Carl feels betrayed by Barack.  Carl is angry.  Carl regrets voting for Barack.  Carl has a bad taste in his mouth.

Hat tip to My First Dictionary.

2 comments to Irregular Dictionary: Bitter

  • qs

    Jim do you ever listen to anti-war radio that is run by Scott Horton. Horton was Michael Badnarik’s foreign policy adviser in 2004.

  • Tom

    Well, “Carl” if you survived the Bush administration where absolutely NO ONE in power listened to or cared about your concerns, you can at least take some satisfaction in being able to continue protesting via letters, phone-calls and other media to help Obama change his mind on these issues (at least he’s listening). It’s early yet in his administration, so there’s time to effect change by petitioning your congresspeople and your president directly through e-mail and phone. Don’t give up.

    That being said, i’m not happy about the continuance of Bush era spying, the “new direction” of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Pakistan’s troubled government and its close proximity to the Taliban/Al Qaida, the slow pace of change in environmental policy, and the looting of our treasury (in concert with the printing of all the fiat money we’re using now). i keep barking at my representatives and hope it’s having some influence on their decision making (though i doubt it).

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