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How The Democrats Can Win Forever And Ever

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell has come up with a new plan for permanent Democratic Party victory: Let Republicans win all the Democratic Party’s nominations for public office.

dempublicanJoe Torsella has been an active Democrat in Philadelphia politics for some time. Arlen Specter has been a Republican U.S. Senator for three decades, and switched to the Democratic Party just this week. So, guess which candidate Governor Rendell, a Democrat, is supporting?

Yup, it’s Arlen Specter. Governor Rendell has suggested that it would be best for the Democratic Party if Torsella would abandon his campaign for the U.S. Senate, allowing Specter to run for the Democratic Party nomination without any opposition.

Is he right? Would it be better for the Democratic Party if Arlen Specter were allowed to take the Democratic Party’s nomination without a contest? I guess that depends on how you think of the Democratic Party.

If you think of the Democratic Party as just an organization that seeks power for itself, then maybe allowing Specter to take over the 2010 Senate bid would be in its best interests. In this vision, the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for any ideas in particular – it doesn’t have any special political DNA. If that’s true, a longtime Republican like Arlen Specter can burst into the Democratic Party, inserting his own ideas, like a virus, and surrounding himself with the outward Democratic shell, and there’s no damage. After all, the Democratic Party doesn’t stand for anything, in this vision. The Democratic Party is just a vehicle to carry the DNA of those who can control it.

If you think that the the Democratic Party ought to represent Democratic voters, however, allowing Republican-Democrat Arlen Specter to take the Party nomination without any primary election is in contradiction to the interests of the Democratic Party. After all, the majority of Democratic voters in Pennsylvania have repeatedly voted against Arlen Specter. Democratic voters don’t seem to support Specter’s ideas, and might well vote for someone else, given the chance. Depriving them of the opportunity to choose their own representatives would be neither democratic nor Democratic, if this is the way that you consider the political landscape.

Consider what Ed Rendell’s approach would mean if it were applied on a national scale. By his reasoning, the Democratic Party could declare permanent victory and absolute control over Congress if only it allowed all Republican members of Congress to switch affiliation to the Democratic Party, and run for re-election without any Democratic opposition.

Would you count that as a victory?

8 thoughts on “How The Democrats Can Win Forever And Ever”

  1. Luke says:

    This is not related to the topic, but its a question I wanted to ask. Before, I found that I could cut and paste articles I liked, and send them to friends and family, or repost them, and I made sure to always attribute it to this website or the particular author. I noticed that this no longer works; is that deliberately to prevent reposts? Or is it something simpler like a setting on my computer that I am unaware of?

    1. Jim says:

      You mean the “share” settings? Well, when that was enabled the website crashed about three times a day. If you’d like we can look into figuring out how to do that again, in some other way, but we removed the feature just to keep Irregular Times from going terminal.

  2. qs says:

    You know I am actually happy he’s gone from the R party.

    This way Toomney or better yet Luksik gets to challenge hi in a general election. If we lose…well we still get old Specter, but now he’s dem.

  3. Luke says:

    Hmm, not sure, I don’t think I ever used a “share article’ feature; but I can’t even cut and paste. Absolutely, would not want the site to go down; it’s always interesting to read.
    To the article, it seems like both major party organizations have large numbers of people who are egocentric, self centered and who have lost their idealism, if they ever had any. They exist to perpetuate their own perks, high incomes, access to power etc and have very little time, energy or thoughts left over to care about the state of the system of government they are supposed to implement.
    Work the machine or be left behind, work the media or be ignored, do favors for your allies and do everything to get elected, and secure your position before leaving public office so you can go right on living your cozy powerful life. This is the type of thing that makes most people cynical about politicians, but how do we fight it? The system tends to overwhelm any small scale individual efforts to reform, and because they can control the form of any attempt at regulation, they can build in any loophole they want. It’s frustrating, especially when almost every politician participates rather than fights it.

  4. Tom says:

    The Democratic party won’t be winners forever and ever because, just like the Republicans couldn’t do it, the party will split into the progressives and the center-right bunch. As it is we now have one party basically, so in effect the dictatorship continues under the guise of a failed democracy (for failing to uphold the laws and abide by the Constitution).

    Too bad, i really thought Obama was going to be a great president – he had the potential but got sidetracked by the Wall Street gang and ran and hid when the torture wagon rolled up to the White House. Now all we need is for the climate change movement to stall and health care to be shelved and we’ll be a third world county by 2012.

  5. qa says:

    Governor Ed Rendell, nihilist or sarcasm?
    Ed Rendell: Every State Worker Should Have A Statue Of Me.

  6. Jim Cook says:

    Three years later, it’s turned out that the Democratic part as a whole followed the Ed Rendell strategy, adopting Republican policies and making right-wing politics the new “middle.”

    1. John Lumea says:

      And thus we have Americans Elect and No Labels telling us all how wonderful it would be if we just had “centrist” leadership — by which they really mean “center right,” i.e., somewhere between Blue Dog (DLC) and Olympia Snowe.

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